What Should You Do If You Are Depressed

"I am depressed. What should I do?" At some point of time, all of us might have gone through this state of mind. This article endeavors to give you insights on what do when you are in an 'I am depressed' condition.
Lara was an extremely successful finance professional. She could get all the luxuries she wanted, had a few real good friends whom she could rely upon. She used to party every alternate weekend and in general had a 'fabulous life'. Somewhere down the line though, there was something which was nagging her. Finally one day, she was sitting all alone, depression looming large on her psyche. She asked herself "I Am Depressed. But Why?" She did not have the answer.

Our psyche is such an unfathomable entity that I think we ourselves do not understand its vagaries sometimes. Being in the state of depression does not have even an ounce of novelty for most of us. Rather, what is more important is not the fact that you are under depression, but how to get out of it. That is eventually where your victory lies. Once I was grumbling about how I have not got what I want, which was a cause for me to be depressed. What my grandmother told me in reply was something I thought I would share with all those who are going through I'm depressed and don't know why situation.

How Do I Know If I Am Depressed?
Well, this a query which simply cannot be answered. As I said, if we ourselves do not understand sometimes what is happening to us, how can the others tell what is happening? It is something which just strikes you out of nowhere! I know, I am getting depressed when I feel really low and the world around does not seem to be good at all. You cannot find anything pleasing and even the best of things fail to spruce up your state of mind. I think that is when you know that you are depressed.

Depressed and Lonely
My grandmother's rhetoric on this was, why do you feel lonely when you have so many friends and a good number of relatives who are all there for you? Loneliness and depression is not exactly a viable equation. Be in touch with them, if you have lost touch with someone, establish the rapport again and then you would not get time to depressed. On that someone would say I'm depressed because I'm single. Getting a soulmate is so totally not in our hands! Moreover, who says that those who have got theirs, do not face problems or depression? Hence, depression is just a clout that you have put on your mind with all these frivolous reasons. If your destiny is tied up with that special someone out there, you would surely meet that person! No need to be depressed about that! Ask those who are single about having fun and they will give you loads of ideas! Work or study, hang out with friends, in short have fun!

Depressed and Suicidal
Well, dying is not the solution to your problems, neither is running away from reality. Alcoholism and drug abuse has become a way for many to escape the harsh reality of the world. But you have to face it! The point here is dying is not the ideal thing to do, neither is drug addiction or alcohol. The key, as my granny says whenever I am depressed, is to have something in your life which makes you happy. It could be pursuing fine arts, cooking, music, writing, singing, social work, or even watching movies! It should give you an inner joy and peace. Eventually, depression medications would not be half as effective as these things to prep you up from within. When you do something for others and they feel happy about it, you also automatically feel really good. This way you can also make long-lasting friendships and relationships. That way you don't get a chance to feel lonely and depressed, as you would be constructively busy all the time.

Depressed for No Apparent Reason
Yes, my dear child, my grandmother tells me there are times when you feel depressed without any apparent reason. Then that is the time when you introspect. Close your eyes and stabilize your thoughts which are going in all the possible directions. In Vipasanna, the art of meditation, they say that your mind is like a monkey which does not stop jumping from one branch to the other. You have to calm it down. Different breathing techniques are the best way to do that. Just let everything from your mind clear off, let the clear spark of knowledge come through.

The crux of all this is I think that each one of us should strive for inner peace and have least expectations from others. At the same time, do what all you can for them. Develop a hobby and nurture it and sometimes let the others know what you have got! Finally, introspect and look within. It is best to always try to do value additions to your personality, rather than saying "I am depressed" all the time or wondering why you remain depressed. After all this, I hope you get the drift! Depression is just a state of mind and all of us are endowed well enough to deal with it! Take Care!
By Medha Godbole
Published: 6/23/2010
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