I Am Here To Take You Home

Death takes us all home eventually.
Can you see me watching you
From the shadows of your mind?
Can you hear me sigh my deepest sigh
On the whispering rain?
Can you hear your bell tolling
Ringing out your last refrain?
Your sands have fallen through the waistband,
I am here to take you home.

Close your eyes and sleep my child,
Your candle no longer shines,
The pain you had has all gone now,
Feel my peace engulf your mind,
Place yourself inside your soul
And fly with me on the wind,
For I am here to take you home,
Just reach out and hold my hand.

Misery no longer rules
With arduous exhaustive toil,
It's time to leave the netherworld,
It's time to answer to my call,
I'll take you to another realm
Where peace and beauty reign as one,
Just follow me, my earthly child,
I am here to take you home.
Published: 2/7/2011
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