I Am Just.... Different - Chapter One

Why nobody does accept the fact that there can be a girl who doesn't believe in love. Well there can be one and that's me.
I just wanted to get some sleep but there was so much going on in my head. Lying in the bed, staring at my ceiling which was blue by the way, yeah my favorite color; the only thing I was thinking about was, why the hell people fall in love when they know it's going to end badly. It's like smoking; you should try it because everybody is; even though, you know it is going to ruin your life. I know I am exaggerating but hey I am angry. I told her so many times, he is not a good guy, but who listens to me. "Oh you are just saying that because you don't like guys," now see what happened.

Standing on the bus stop, I was looking around hoping to see Sarah, my best friend, but after what happened yesterday, she was not going to come. Instead I saw Dan, my irritating big brother coming.
"Look who is so serious. Hey, where is that mouse teeth," he said while smiling idiotically.
Yes, I do have two sort of...big teeth which he loves to hit whenever I smile, but that doesn't mean I am a mouse. Oh my god, I so hate him.
"Shut up Dan, and why are you always late for the school bus," I said without even looking at him.

He narrowed his eyes and said, "you know, some people actually spend little time on their looks, and that's why they are called good-looking, but you wouldn't know," with a mocking tone, he continued, "they comb their hair, wear a nice dress and....
"Yeah.., what else guys do, put lipstick and a little mascara," I interrupted while looking at his red lips. His lips were naturally red, but that was the one thing he did not like about himself. I didn't know why; I mean, girls used to go crazy about it. It was sort of the specialty of our family; eyes with big lashes and red lips.
Any way, he was finally quite.
Well the silence lasted only for seconds before he turned back at me and said "hey, I heard something about your friend Sarah, what happened to her,"
"A jerk is what happened to her," I frowned and he giggled. Finally the bus arrived.
As I entered the bus I saw Michelle sitting on the last seat waving at me. "Thank god at least she is here," I was so relieved.

Michelle, my very sweet, very shy cousin. We study in same school, same class.
Me and her, we are more like friends than cousins but we are also very different.
She is blonde, I am brunette; she is shy, I am not; she takes ballet classes and I take guitar lessons, indeed there is a similarity between us. We both don't talk to boys, she can't and I don't. I sort of hate boys.
But Sarah, she is umm......I seriously have no idea about her.
She is so into boys and her straight blonde hair, big blue eyes and curvy figure makes every boy easy for her. But she is like, one second she is in love with someone, the next, "Nah, he had a bad hair," And don't even get me started on makeup, it is like her life and I hate make up. Having so much things on my face, woow hell no.

Sarah is like a combination of different personalities. One side is very fashionable, other side wears her nightgown throughout the day. One can be very sweet, other can be a bitch, Oops did I say that, Omg don't tell her.
I mean, one second she is on diet and the other second, she is eating pizza. Reason "this pizza was calling me, you can't say no to a puppy dog faced pizza, can you,"
Huh, I don't know why I am friends with people who can't be more opposite to me.

I also don't know why I don't like boys but that's just me, Nil. A sports fan, a dancing girl. I like to study (weird, i know) and I am good too, you can say best in my class.
I love watching movies; specially the rough & tough kinda. Even my favorite TV show is Terminator the Sarah Connor chronicle and not gossip girl; I mean dresses are cool, very cool actually but man; they all behave like everyone in the world wears Louis Vuitton shoes. Even the non living thing in that show looks like saying, "we are rich, we are rich,"
Okay enough bitching.

And wait, hey don't run to conclusion, I am not lesbian. I am just.... Complicated.
And this is my story.

So tell me if you like it and also tell me if there is anyone out there who is like me or it's just me.
Are you like Nil, make sure you comment.
Published: 12/1/2010
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