I Am The Night

Vampire or a dream...
For I am his world, his love his anchor
I am the only thing that holds to this mortal plain
To this world filled of pain
I am the shadow of his night
The night of which he dreams
For I cannot be seen in the day
But in the shadow of his dreams
I am not the nightmare that brings him pain
I am terror that sets his heart a beat
I pulse the blood to bounce for me
I startle his every dream
He writes poems for me in his own blood
He would kill himself if it would please me
For I am his night, I am his shadow, I am his world
The fruit of his heart, he thinks me real
He thinks me kind
He truly doesn’t know what pain means
I can bring terror into the hearts of men
Kill without a single care
Strike fear into those who cannot see nor feel me
I am the howl of the wind, which sends chills down the spine
For the night is mine, and those alone, in this world I come to thee
I come without a word, without sound for I am a creature of the night
And I am not your worst nightmare you hearts dreams.
Published: 9/7/2008
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