I Am With You, Even Through You Can't See Me

Just read...
The more and more I try
The hard I cry
Even with these stained tears, I cannot say goodbye
To keep you is killing me
I longer feel safe when you are by my side
All I feel is sadness and pain
My floor is a white sea of crumpled papers
Half of them saying goodbye
It is words I can not say
I can not lie and say goodbye
But you will never get to see these tears I cry
Red and white dots cover the page
All my sorrow and pain is all the ink I need
To complete my letter of my regrets
Here is my letter I contain for you:
"I am your worst nightmare when you dream
I will never let you go, you and I will be together forever
Can't you see I am perfect for you as you are for me
I am not crazy but I am in love
If you try and leave me I will kill anyone if your path
I will remove those from your sight
I shall bind you to me
You will never leave me because I love you"
Don't be frightened my dear this is not the end
But the start of something new of me and you
You know why...
Because I can see you
And you two will see me one day........
Published: 9/3/2008
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