I Can Love You More Than This - Parts 1 to 3

Okay if you are a directioner, or just want a sweet story of love/betrayal/forgiveness, this is for you. Abbey will realize who she actually loves after this story and who she needs to leave in her past.
Part 1

I can't help being a directioner, I guess I just am. I'm not the crazy kind that my whole family thinks, heck, that everyone thinks I am. I read the fanfics, check out the pictures, all of it. They inspire me, but I wasn't expecting my mother to actually get tickets for me to go there Up All Night Tour.

It would be a night to remember, especially that my best friend, Liz is coming with. We both had dresses that sparkled in the light. Mine was blue to brighten up my dirty blonde hair. Liz's was a green misty color to give her brown hair a glow.

"Alley are you coming? Common we are going to be late." Liz shouted from the car.

Add a little lip gloss and done. I jogged to the junker that Liz owned. It was better than driving my moms mini van, but somehow still embarrassing.

"Do you think we will meet the boys Abbey, it would be my dream come true. Imagine, me with Harry. And you and Liam. Perfect." Liz said excitedly.

I rolled my eyes, thinking about the million and 1 chances. I know we have backstage passes, and there is a slim chance we could get a picture or something, but falling in love with one of them? Only in the fanfics.

"Liz, please!! Common I think you've been on the fan page a little too much." I grinned.

Liz sighed and we sat in silence when we finally pulled up to the concert. We squeal in excitement. Time flies as we go through security, get a couple of snacks, and finally in our seats. Liz smiles as I know we have pretty good seats, 2nd from the 1st row.

Soon, the lights dimmed and I see 5 boys out on the stage, as I dance to the music.


Liz and I giggled as we pranced backstage to meet the boys.

"Today's the day I get to meet Harry, and you know all the other boys, but seriously! Harry fricken Styles!!! Ahhh-"

I clapped my hand on Liz's mouth. "Act cool, I bet they are sick and tired of girls screaming, 'Oh my gosh! One Direction!' So let's stay calm Liz."

She rolled her eyes, while I took my hand mirror out of my purse to check myself. In my mirror I saw a very handsome boy, knowing it was Zayn. I drew in a breath as I turned around and gave a smile.

"Well, hello there." Zayn smirked at us.

Liz giggled like a little school girl as I elbowed her in the ribs. I gave a flashing white smile to Zayn, trying to play it cool.

"Hi, I'm Abbey and this is Liz." I see Liz try to give him a bright smile, but it ended up looking like she had no lips. Zayn just chuckled to the side, while I hoped Liz didn't blow our chance to meet the boys.

"You know what? You girls are funny, I think the other guys would want to meet you. Follow me." Zayn led us through backstage and to the dressing room. Liz kept looking at me energetically, and as we arrived to their room, she almost fainted with joy.

Believe me I was so excited on the inside, but as an actress (in school plays and musicals) I could pull off being easygoing.

"Guys I found some girls that I bet would love to meet us." Zayn knocked on the door and it opened. I saw all the 5 boys that I have been writing blogs, and pages about. Still the only facial expression that showed was a grin on my face.

On the other hand, Liz could barely keep it in. There came the "no lips smile" and her breathing extremely heavily.

"Well, hello ladies. This is Harry, Zayn, Liam, Niall, and of course me, Louis."
Louis introduced to us.

We both laughed at Lou, and the boys gave a grin.

"Hi I'm Abbey and my friend over here, is Liz." We both gave a little wave, as we sat down on the bean bags by the boys.

All the boys where very charming. It was hilarious whenever Harry talked, cause Liz just nodded historically and laughed the whole time while he was talking. Lou was, imagine that, the funny one. Harry, dang, what a flirt. Zayn was a little overrated, but still, pretty cool. Liam, sweeter than I could ever imagine, and still the boy who caught my attention. Niall could laugh at anything and everything with his adorable little laugh.

While we where talking, Liz's phone went off. "Crap, Abbey we gotta go, my mom wants me to be home by midnight." Liz sighed.

I never wanted to leave, and I don't understand why Liz had to be home so early. We were both 18, yet Liz's Mom treated her like she was 14. My mom said I could come home whenever I wanted to, but how else am I supposed to get a ride?

"Sorry boys Liz has to be home in 15 minutes, sorry we couldn't stay longer."
Liz and I gathered our things, but when we opened the door Harry stopped us.

"Wait Abbey, can't you stay? One of us will be happy to give you a ride home." Liz gave me a look to say I could. I gave her a hug and whispered, "Thank you."

As the doors closed, I looked back at the boys. I wash in their dressing room, with them, alone. Each gave me a smile and looked at each other. Something was going on.

"Hey, would you want to go to the after party with us? Well, Liam won't be able to bust a move with us because it's interview night with him. Otherwise, you get to hang with us." Zayn invited me. Of course I said yes, and immediately knew tonight would be a night to remember.


Part 2

Abbey arrives in a limo and discovers something special.


If I thought just talking to them was the fun part, wow was I wrong. The boys led me into their limo, while each one tried to sit the closest to me. It got too carried away when Harry actually sat on my lap. All he did was gave the duck face to me while I pushed him off.

"Alright guys there's enough of me to go around." I laughed as I said that. Who could actually imagine me, of all people getting to say that to One Direction.

"I call her first then!" Harry shouted. I laughed because I've never been a Harry Styles type of girl. Sure he was a flirt with that enormous hair of his, but still he wasn't my type.

"Boys she's not a Xbox you can play with. Treat her like a lady." Liam winked at me, while I melted inside. He's so sweet and knows how to treat a girl. Everyone mumbled until we got to the party.

We pulled up to this mansion that had blue lights all across it. It was so beautiful, I thought, as Lou took my hand to lead me into the house behind the boys. When we walked up cameras flashed in our face, bright as can be. Zayn was right, interviewers grabbed Liam from the crowd, and so I couldn't even have a dance with him. Not like I could anyway. It was different with Liam, I felt like I couldn't speak, couldn't breathe around him.

When we entered the house, I saw so many celebrities all at once, I felt overwhelmed. Yet, Louis still held my hand like a gentleman and brought me to a couch.

"I'll be right back, I'm going to talk to Niall real fast." Louis said while leaving. I nodded and looked around the room. Rainbow colored lights flashed along the walls and floors, where white couches and chairs were laid out. Upbeat music boomed in my ears. It seemed a pretty cool place to hangout and dance.

"Miss me sweetie?" Harry flopped down on the couch and put his arm around me. I rolled my eyes and removed his arm. He shot me a confused look.

"Wow, you're the only fan girl that's not head over heels for me." Harry raised his eyebrows and grinned. Sometimes he's so full of himself. It makes me giggle just thinking about it.

"Well, you're handsome Harry, but sorry you're not my type. I like someone else in the band. Plus your hair is too big." I joked about the last part of course. The rest was true. He did his annual hair flip, as I just shook my head.

Lou came towards us with a mischievous smile. I closed my eyes and grinned knowing he was up to something. Harry saw me looking at Louis and kinda pointed as if asking if it was him that I liked in One Direction. I kinda shrugged, teasing him by not telling him. Harry squinted his eyebrows, which made me laugh.

"Abbey I want you to actually meet someone." Louis grabbed my hand and lifted me off the couch, while I gave a little wave to Harry.

"Thanks for getting me away from Harry." I whispered in his ear. We both laughed cause we knew how Harry was. Louis led me over by the dance floor where I saw Niall standing by the ledge. I was surprised when Lou took me to him and I could tell Niall was nervous, but for what?

"Abbey this is Niall, as you well know, but you two mingle and I'll be over there." He pointed all the way across the room and I just kinda smiled at Niall while Lou walked away. I've always thought Niall was cute and adorable, but right now it was awkward with him.

"Hey um, do you want to I don't know dance?" Niall sputtered out. I was surprised, but I gave him my hand, and he led me to the dance floor. We danced to some pop music, then things began to slow down. The song "Collide" came on and I started to blush.

"Will you dance with me?" He whispered in my ear. "I wouldn't miss it for the world." I replied back in his ear.

Niall swept me off my feet, and dipped me. I've never danced with anyone like this. We were so close to each other, I could even hear him breath. One last twirl and the song was over.

"I didn't know you could dance like that Niall." I smile at him, and he blushes.

"One is only as good as their dance partner." He retorted, and now we were both blushing. He brings me to a bar stool and we talk for who knows how many hours. Sooner or later, I look at my phone, 5:00 am. I knew I had to leave, but I didn't want to stop laughing and talking with Niall.

"Niall, it's been fun and all, but I have to leave. Thank you for tonight." I kiss him on the cheek and he grabs my hand to lead me to the limo to take me home. When he finally said, "Let's go," I open the car and get in. About five minutes later I open my hand to find a note:

Abbey I would really like to see you again,
Call me.

On the other side of the paper he put his number. Was this real? Or am I dreaming? I thought. As we drove up my driveway, I gave a smile knowing this was only the beginning.


Part 3

Abbey and Niall, will they last? Read on to find out.


"Wake up sleepyhead. WAKE UP!" Liz shook me awake. I groaned, as I looked at my clock. 2:45 in the afternoon. I must have been out late if I slept this long. When I lifted up the covers I still had my full dress and shoes on.

"Oh wow Abbey, pass out or something last night?" She giggled at me. I threw a pillow in her face, and soon a pillow fight began. After a while we start laughing too hard to carry on.

"I can't believe I stayed out till 5:00 last night or this morning, however you say it." I said when I walked toward the bathroom. I hopped in the shower, while Liz was doing her hair or makeup. It was our daily routine, she came over, we got ready for the day, then we went to work. Yet today, it's Sunday, and we can do whatever we want.

I hopped out with a towel on and remembered that Niall gave me his phone number. I ran and opened my purse, while I screamed in excitement.

"I got it! I actually got it!" I squealed.

Liz walked out of the bathroom, toothbrush in hand, to see me dripping wet, with only a towel on, jumping up and down with my cell phone in my hand. She raised her eyebrows while whispering, "Oh my gosh." Under her breath.

I waved my phone in her face, till she grabbed it. After unlocking it, her eyes went wide and she jumped up and hugged me. We both screamed at the top of our lungs, until my mom comes in and tells us to be quiet. I had saved Niall in my contacts, and then that's when all Liz's questions came out.

"What happened when I left? Wait, what happened with Niall? No, start from the beginning. Actually, skip to the end. Ahhh! Just tell me everything!"

Liz just couldn't keep quiet while I told the story. When I told her about Harry hiding on me, she kinda gave me a sad look, till I told her he was so not my type.

Still sitting in a towel an hour later, I finally get up and finished getting ready. Liz went on our fan page but didn't post anything about last night besides, "Had fun last night at the One Direction Concert," which I was happy with.

After that, I finally texted Niall.

Me: Hey this is Abbey from last night, you probably won't remember me, but I figured I'd text you anyway.

I immediately got a response after I sent it.

Niall: How could I forget you? I'm not that kind of guy.

I smiled at that. I've met so many other guys like that, and it never ends well.

Me: That means a lot :)

Niall: Not to be too straightforward, but can I take you out tonight?

I said yes, right off the bat, and he said he would pick me up at 6. It was so unreal, actually going on a date with him. Liz helped me pick a perfect outfit, and did my hair in curls. Finally we heard the doorbell ring.

"Tell me all about it when you get back, okay?" Liz gave me a tight hug and I opened the door. Niall wore a black polo with dark skinny jeans. He gave me a single yellow rose, knowing it was my favorite color. I blushed, I've never been on a date like this.

"You look gorgeous Abbey, I just thought we could go get some pasta at Olive Garden or something?" Niall said shyly. I grinned and said, "I'd love to."
He led me to his car and we hopped in. When he started it up, the stereos boomed with Katy Perry's "Part of Me," and we jammed out.

About 6 miles in the car, it started to slow way down and into a final stop. I couldn't help being worried.

"Niall, what's going on?" I said to him. He gave me a nervous look before replying. "I think the battery died. Let me just call a cab real quick."

After he hung up with them, we started talking like we did last night, about anything and everything. He told me about all the fans he met, and all the weird presents he's received. I told him about how I taught at the dance school: "New York's Finest." And how me and Liz were looking for an apartment to move into.

The cab finally arrived an hour later, saying that they forgot at first to send us one. It wasn't going to ruin my night though, because just as long as I'm with him I'm happy.

We got dropped off in the parking lot of the Olive Garden and we entered the restaurant, immediately directioners started swarming us. I let go of his hand and sat down on the waiting bench.

Endless pictures and signatures later, our table was ready and Niall was done signing. We ordered our drinks from the waitress who was going on and on about how her daughter just loved him, and wanted to meet him so badly. I didn't blame her, so I would never judge.

When she came back with our drinks, she tripped and spilled my whole Dr. Pepper on me. I ran to the bathroom, with my soaked light peach dress. I just wanted to leave after this to change. I came back and plastered a fake smile on my face.

"Niall can we please leave, my dress is soaked and sticky." I whispered in his ear as politely as I could. He paid the check like a gentleman and we hurried out. The cab was already here, thank goodness for Niall calling beforehand.

"Hey could we stop for some frozen yogurt, for this lovely lady, cab driver." The guy was nice enough to drive us to the Yozone drive through and we ordered. We ate as we drove to my house.

"Hey, you want a bite? It's really good." Niall ushered his yogurt to me, and I graciously took a bite. A few minutes later my whole face turned bright red.

"Abbey! What's wrong? What happened?" Niall worried. My mouth felt dry and it was hard to speak.

"P-peanuts, a-a-allergic." I sputtered out. The allergic reaction would be gone in an hour or so cause it's happened before, but this date had kept getting worse and worse. I told Niall the best I could about it, and he was more relieved now, but he felt terrible.

When we pulled up in my driveway, the reaction was getting better. My mouth was not as dry as it was. Still something didn't feel right with Niall. He walked me up to my doorstep.

"When can I see you again?" Niall took my hand as he asked. I looked at the ground for a moment then looked back in his eyes. I sighed cause I knew I had to say it.

"Niall, I don't think it's such a good idea. You're so sweet to me, but can't you see all these signs? The car breaking down, the cab an hour late, getting Dr. Pepper spilled all over me, an allergic reaction, it all adds up." His expression drooped when I said all that.

"It doesn't matter Abbey. I don't care if that happens as long as I'm with you and making you laugh, it doesn't need to end." Niall pleaded. I knew I was blowing my chance of being with him or any of One Direction, but I had such a bad feeling inside.

"I'm sorry Niall." I gave him a kiss on his cheek knowing it would be the last time seeing him. I unlocked my front door, while he walked slowly, head down, to his car.
What would you do if you were Abbey?
Tell him what she said.
Keep going out with Niall.
Go out with another One Direction member.
Other... comment!
Published: 7/13/2012
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