I Can Love You More Than This - Part 4 and 5

Abbey finds a surprise she wasn't expecting.
Part 4

I didn't want to text or talk to anyone, all I wanted to do is sleep. I crawled under the covers of my bed, after changing out of my sticky dress and taking some medication for my allergies. It was easy just to drift into dreams out of reality.

I woke up and it was dark outside. I rolled over to look at my alarm clock, 1:34 AM. I tried to fall asleep again, but I just couldn't. Finally, I got my laptop out to check how the fan page was doing. Liz updated everything, thank goodness she did, I'd have to thank her later.

Now it was 2:30 and after eating nothing besides frozen yogurt for 24 hours, I decide to go downstairs to eat something. Probably the earliest breakfast I have ever eaten. I eventually passed out on the couch after eating bagels and cream cheese.

Again, I woke up around 8:00 and I realized I needed to get ready for work. Liz was already upstairs straightening her hair. When she saw me through the mirror, walking in the bathroom, she looked at me excitedly.

"So what happened last night? Was it amazing or what?" Liz stopped what she was doing to wait for my response. I really didn't want to talk about it so I just shrugged and opened the shower door.

Liz gave a confused look at me before I got in, and went back to her hair. The water felt nice, but I had to be at work soon so I hurried up and got out to do my makeup and hair. It was silent and Liz started to get suspicious. I wanted to tell her, just not yet.

"You ready Lizzy?" I asked as we head out the door. She nodded as she put on her lipstick and we headed toward her car. Liz and I didn't work at the same place, instead of teaching at a dance studio, she worked as an assistant at a fashion studio about a block from my work. Both jobs paid well and next year when we go to college we can pay for an apartment too, instead of living at home.

"Alright I'll pick you up at 2:00 Abbey. See you then." Liz said as I came out of the car. I entered the doors to "New York's Finest" and went into the dance studio. I stared at myself in the mirror while stretching, and tried to stop thinking of last night's disaster, but I failed doing that.

When my first student walked in, I smiled because it was Natalie, the youngest dancer I have ever taught. She was 5 years old, and one of the fastest learners to be here.

"Hey Natalie, you want to stretch for me, as we wait for everyone else?" I said to her. She dropped her bag and skipped over to where I was. Her little sleek black ponytail flopped all around. Her energy made me smile, as she told me a short story about her going to Disney World.

"And then I met Cinderella and she gave me a big hug!" Natalie finished as people started walking through the room. As soon as everyone was here, I cranked up the music and started to give instructions.

"Alright everybody! I want you to freestyle dance for one song, which is," I turned on a random track, "Stereo hearts!" Everyone started to dance and I might as well too. We all started to laugh and soon we finally got to our major dance routine which we would be showcasing nationally in a month or so. They all practice each day for 4 hours (except Sundays), and are fully committed.

The hours seem to fly by and soon everyone has left. I stay an hour to clean up and soon Liz comes to pick me up. I ran to the car trying to duck from the pouring rain. I came in soaked anyway, and couldn't wait to get home to shower and dry off.

"Guess we can't look at apartments today." Liz kidded with me. Rain splashed all over the windows so it was hard to see. Thank goodness we came back home safe. We got out of the car and headed inside. I could hear the pitter-pat on the roof and then something else. It was very vague but it sounded something like a song.

"Abbey, you have to come see this." Liz quickly ushered me to the window looking out over my driveway. I couldn't see at first 'cause of all the raindrops, then I saw blond. I opened up the window not caring if rain came in. It was Niall with his guitar playing a song... for me.

I know fate is saying all these signs
But that don't matter to me
'Cause all I want to dooo
Is, be with you
Just 'cause it's been a rough road
Doesn't mean I don't know
I like you

He was getting soaked out there and his guitar was splashing all over the place. This time I would do what my heart says not my head, and it was saying to go after him. I raced outside in the rain and jumped in his arms, legs wrapped around his waist. Niall cupped his hands around my face and kissed me passionately.

"Forgive me?" He says to me. I nod and kiss him again. "Yes, Yes, YES!" I say while water dripped down our faces.


Part 5

Abbey and Niall have some fun times together.


"Knock, knock. Guess who?" I unlocked my front door, knowing it was Niall. When I opened it, there was more than him, it was all the boys in One Direction. I gave each one two kisses on the cheek as they came in. I knew Liz was going to flip when she saw Harry. She was upstairs doing an avocado face mask to give her face a natural glow.

Niall wrapped his arm around me, while we were sitting down and the other boys teased him. "Oh common guys, is it still new to you?" I said to them. Niall and I have been going out for about a week now, and it's been going great, it's not official yet, but hopefully soon.

"Sweetie, it's never going to get old." Harry winked at me, when he said that. I didn't mind, it was all still new to me too. Sometimes I still turn into fan girl state of mind, and go "I actually am with One Direction". I never ever say that in front of them, but I always seem to think it.

The guys and I started talking about how there staying here, in New York City, the rest of the summer, when I heard footsteps coming down the stairs. Liz came forward from the stairs, with green avocado all over her face, and only a robe on. Everyone stared at her, while she grabbed my wrist and screamed at me and led me to the kitchen.

"Why didn't you tell me Harry was going to be here?!" Liz screamed-whispered. "Liz, I didn't even know any of them besides Niall was going to be here." I said back to her. We both argued back and forth before Niall walked in. I stopped mid-sentence and shooed Liz back upstairs.

"Everything okay in here?" Niall grabbed my hand. I laughed knowing Liz couldn't ever hold a grudge, not even about Harry Styles. "Everything's just perfectly fine Nialler." We went back into the living room and all the boys were laughing hilariously because they could hear all of me and Liz's argument.

"Cat fight? Or what?" Louis nudged me. I rolled my eyes 'cause I know it was already embarrassing as it was for Liz, so I didn't really go into depth about anything. After talking for a little bit, Liz came down with her hair in curls, red strapless dress, and full makeup on. Obviously she was trying to impress Harry, and I must say it was an improvement from an avocado face.

"So what are we talking about?" Liz said, while prancing over by Harry. Liam scooted over by Zayn to give room. Harry wiggled his eyebrows at me and I kinda just shook my head. Liam laughed and everyone joined in. For a split second I gazed at him, but I came back to reality and looked at Niall.

"Now, there's one question the boys and I have been dying to ask," Zayn started asking me. "Before you and Niall, you know, started hanging out, who did you like in the band?" All the boys looked at me intriguingly. Harry already knows I don't like Louis, and he most likely told the rest of them. I decided to make it as a game so all I said was, "The world may never know". I gave a wink at Liz, because obviously she was the only one that knows.

One Direction gave a groan, while me and Liz just giggled. Soon after Liz flirted with Harry, and Niall gave me a kiss on the cheek, the guys had to leave. They all kissed me and Liz two times on the cheek, and as soon as I closed the door, Liz squealed and sang, "Harry kissed me on the che-ek, Harry kissed me on the che-ek." I let her do whatever she wanted now, since they were gone.

I joined in on her except of me saying Harry, I said Niall. Shouting at the top of our lungs, I could barely hear the doorbell ring. We both shut up quickly, and answered the door.

"Hey, I didn't want to do this in front of the guys, but," Niall kissed me and put something in my hand. He ran back to the car, the guys were in. Liz smiled at me and I opened my hand. It was a single yellow rose petal with a note saying:

The first date I will never forget
The last date may never come
So please don't forfeit
'Cause I can't stand it being done

I hold it to my heart and thanked it for leading me to him.
Will they last?
Yes forever and ever!
I guess so.
I don't care.
Not really.
Never in a million years.
Published: 7/16/2012
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