I Can Love You More Than This - Part 9

Abbey sees something that she wished, she could never ever see. She must realize now if she's going in the right direction.
Arriving to the dance studio, I knew I was about 20 minutes early. I decided right now would be a good time to practice my singing and dancing. I've always wanted to make it big being a dancer, singer, or actress, and being here at "New York's Finest" was my first step.

I stood in front of the mirror and started my routine. I sang and danced to the song "Everytime We Touch," by Cascada. Moving my body to the beat of it and singing in perfect pitch, I knew I had a chance of doing this for a living. I just needed a head start.

After my ending pose, I heard a slow clap. Turning around embarrassingly, I see Zayn leaning towards the doorframe clapping.

"You are amazing Abbey. How come you never told me, I mean us?" Zayn walked over to me, shocked. I covered my face with my hands, but he removed them. He brushed my hair from my face, and we looked at each other in the eyes.

"Sometimes I think no one would ever consider me as celebrity type. I just-"
Zayn cut me off. "Don't you ever say that. You well know how One Direction became a band. If we could, you could."

I hugged him. It was true and having Zayn remind me, made my hopes go way up. Interrupting our hug, more people walked into the room. We pulled away fast, realizing Niall and I were "out" as a couple. Now that I've known the guys for a while, sometimes I don't think they are celebrities, but they are the biggest boy band in the world.

A girl, who looked around 15 came in the room, and when she saw Zayn, she screamed her head off. He sighed at me, then turned to the girl.

"Oh my gosh! You're Zayn Malik! The Zayn Malik! I'm your biggest fan! The name's Chrissa, and I have a fan page on Facebook and I love you!" Chrissa squealed and took out her phone to take pictures. She stopped in the middle of it and looked at me. Her jaw dropped.

"You're Abbey Cross! That means you're Niall Horan's girlfriend, and you know all of One Direction! Can we be like best friends? I'm 15 and you're 18, but still you seem totally chill and I'm totally chill, so we would hit off so well, don't you think?" Right when Chrissa told me this, I knew I was technically famous. Liam's ex, Danielle, that he broke up around a week ago, was completely famous mostly for dating him.

I was completely shocked of all the attention, but I signed an autograph or two, then took a couple of pictures. Zayn did the same. Now that all the class was here, which consisted of 8 boys, and 7 girls, we started. All the girls were hard to teach because they couldn't pay attention cause of Zayn. I sighed, but kept teaching the steps of a regular waltz.

As soon as I told everyone to find a partner, the ladies rushed over to Zayn giggling and laughing.

"Girls, girls. Since Zayn is so popular, I will be dancing with him, so there's no cat fights." I wink at him and turn on some waltz music. Grabbing his hand, I whisper the dance moves to him. Zayn stumbles at first, but by the time the 5 minute song was over, he picked it up pretty well.

I applauded everyone and pretty soon the class was over. Zayn stayed and helped me clean up. Afterwards he drove me back to the apartment.

"Hey, do you want to stay a bit?" I asked him noticing he was tired from the class. It was probably crazy where One Direction was staying at and probably extremely hard to sleep during all of that.

"Nah, that's okay. I got to get to a meeting with the boys anyway, but thanks anyway Abbey. It means a lot." Zayn walked out the door. I shut the door and went to my bedroom exhausted. I flopped on the bed and went right to sleep.


My Dream

I enter a school building knowing no one. Everyone sees me and glares at me. I walk past all of them trying to get away. I see a light down the hallway and walk toward it. Every time I step closer to it, it goes farther away.

In the light I see a face, Liam's. "LIAM!" I run for him, yet it goes farther and farther away. I look around for help when I see Niall. He was with another girl talking at first, then they hugged and kissed. A tear stripped down my face and Louis suddenly appear.

"You don't have to hurt anymore." Louis grabs my hand and leads me to a different hallway. All my tears vanish and he holds my hand tighter. We walked by Zayn, and I wanted to stop and talk to him, but Louis kept walking, dragging me with him.

"Hey, I want to talk to Zayn." Louis kept dragging me and kept saying. "You don't have to hurt anymore."

I saw Liz and Harry flirting and it felt like I haven't seen them in years. "Liz! It's me Abbey!" She looked at me and vanished and so did Harry. Louis screamed in my ear, "You don't have to hurt anymore!"


I woke up shivering and screaming.
Is the dream telling her something?
Yes, she needs to listen it.
No, it's just a dream.
Published: 9/3/2012
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