I Can't Cry Anymore

This poem is about a lost love and a broken heart.
In the shadow of the sun, on the highway to ruin,
On a one track road with nowhere to u-turn,
I found myself thinking of you,
And wondering where it all went wrong.
Was it all just a sham, or was there a certain truth?
Or was it all just a dream of something taboo?
Maybe a place in your heart,
Is where I'll never belong.

As I watch the sun go down again,
And the pitch black darkness closing in,
I feel the fear return to me,
Like the sting of a million frosts.
And the cold makes me shake, shiver and tremble,
Like shook up maraccas in a dance ensemble,
That's out of tune, unsyncronised,
Rattled and lost.

So with eyes straight ahead I follow this road,
A road with no forks, only one way to go,
Leading to only one place...
It's called Oblivion.
Where nothing is real and nothing exists,
With no pain to feel and no one to miss,
All my thoughts and memories of you,
Turned off along with the sun.

It's a place I'll be welcomed with open arms,
By people like me, who have lost their hearts,
Wandering zombies, unfocused and dazed,
Living each day as it comes.
I know now, I'll never love again in the future,
For I hold no soul in which love I could nurture,
You stole my very being from me,
Leaving me totally numb.

And I can't cry anymore.

I'm done with my hurting, I'm done with the pain,
Thoughts of woe no longer impale my brain,
The numbness took over,
And anger I need no longer avoid.
For how can I be angry with you, sweet lady,
When you've stolen all my emotions from me?
My mind is now empty,
And all my thoughts and feelings are null and void.

And I can't cry anymore!

Published: 6/8/2010
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