I Can't Get Over You

Reflections of a broken heart.
I looked into her pretty eyes,
And read a little sorrow,
I smiled a sympathetic smile,
That promised of tomorrow,
I took her hand in mine and said,
"I know your heart's been broke,
"But if you let, then I will mend."
Those were the words I spoke.

She said, "Sir, you cannot know,
"The pain I feel inside.
"It makes me bitter to remember,
"So I won't; if you don't mind.
"Don't ask me for my story,
"For I won't recall a word,
"I'll save it for my own peruse,
"No matter how it hurts."

I acknowledged my agreement...
It was not for me to pry,
Yet still I felt some of the pain,
Reflected in the tears she cried;
The tears of cold rejection;
The tears I know so well;
For I've felt that pain in my own heart,
I've cried those tears myself.

Now, just like her, I won't recall,
The pain you dealt to me,
For it was long ago and far away;
Yet it seems like yesterday.
And though I smile for the camera,
And still tell a joke or two,
Inside, my heart's still breaking,
For I can't get over you.
Published: 5/10/2016
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