I Dare You to Try

I dare you to read this and I dare you to try.
You know what is funny? Life and love. Two perfect combinations if you have the perfect life and the love of your life at your side. But, you know that perfection doesn’t make someone happy, it just defines who you want to be. Someone could walk past you one day and marry you the next; does it mean you are happy or perfect? Perfection doesn’t exist on this planet, whether you like it or not. No one is perfect. Nothing is perfect. Remember (if you are a girl) having Barbie dolls as a child? Playing with those plastic little figures, dressing them up into the cutest outfits, and pretending to have a life just like theirs? I do, it was childhood, and we all wanted to grow up looking and being like something and maybe Barbie dolls were it. Now as a teenager or even grown adult we realize that they were just another commercial item. Some doll that is going to turn our generation into so-called perfection. I could type a thousand words about a little girl’s life growing up into a successful adult, but it wouldn’t change the fact that our generation is turning into Barbie dolls.

Have you ever taken a look at magazines these days and seen what society has turned into? Well, I have and personally it’s outrageous. Little girls these days are growing up into a world all about how slim we want to be and if we aren’t, we are judged. I remember seeing a Tweet the other day about this young girl wanting to lose weight. She wants to be like celebrities who look anorexic, who in that little girl’s mind are: perfect.

Ever heard about the celebrity named Demi Lovato? Caught under pressure for not being perfect? Not being what society wants her to be like? I have. She cut herself because society kept posting about her weight and how she should change. I admire her, she is my idol. Someone I can look up to for strength and encouragement, but most of all inspiration. She doesn’t do what society wants her to do, she doesn’t look like what society wants her to, and she is herself, the truest a person can be.

Everyone has strengths and weaknesses, habits and problems, and everyone has a heart. The people we pass every day could be the one and only person you marry the next. Or the person you passed just yesterday while walking to Starbucks for coffee, could be struggling with debts. Either way, every person you see walking could be struggling with something or happy about something but we never know. Say that, this article may never make sense to you because maybe you haven’t experienced it. We may never experience walking past someone struggling with a horrible disease or an abusive relationship, because we would never have known. End conclusion: smile. When you are walking to Starbucks for a cup of coffee or a Frappuccino, and see a young woman or man with a stern face, smile at them; who knows it may have made their day.

I remember logging onto Twitter a couple of weeks ago and, you know how it is, scrolling through Twitter feeds, thinking about what people do with their lives. Yet I came across a Tweet that really made me think about how one smile could change a person's entire day. This young man was walking to the Golden Gate Bridge and said that if, on his way, one person smiled at him; he would turn around and not jump. No one did. He jumped off the bridge, committing suicide. When I read the article, I just remember staring at the screen, not moving and just thinking. Thinking about how many, every day people, we see that might, like him, be committing suicide without a sound. So just think about this before you leave to go grocery shopping or out to the mall with your friends, or maybe out to dinner, remember to smile at the people who might be having it worse and need just one little thing to cheer them up. I am not saying to act like a freak and smile at every single person you walk by, because for me that would just be a tiny bit creepy. Just smile at those who look like their day has just been flung out a window and into a freezing, cold ocean which is now sitting at the bottom, crumpled into a ball. I know it would really have a better effect on their day.

To love something means to set it free. Ever thought about that saying? I am obviously not saying that everyone should break up with the person they love most, but to think about it. Let’s say you are dating this guy/girl that all your friends hate and your parents do not approve of, but you are attracted to him/her. Let’s say your boyfriend/girlfriend leaves for a week on a trip with their family, and you take that week to hangout with friends and really just think. He/she comes back from the trip and you break up with them because you have finally realized to let them go, giving the circumstances from your parents and friends. You set that person free, even though you loved them, for the better. Everything happens for a reason so just think that, that person might have something to do with how the rest of your life turns out. Just think about it. I am also not saying that every relationship is bad, therefore you should date no one because you are just going to have to leave them anyway, no. I am saying that if the circumstances are bad enough; remember that everything happens for a reason, one way or another.

Alright, alright, you people are probably sitting at your computers or laptops right now thinking ‘Why would someone post a useless article about paragraphs of different topics’. Well, if you are a writer, have you ever been reading an amazing book or watching a meaningful movie and an idea popping into your head. You run to your computer or laptop, or notebook and start writing, whatever the idea is. That is exactly what I am doing here, I am also showing people that writing doesn’t have to have characters or a plot but just a bunch of words jumbled together meaning something. I am writing about just life in general, struggling with relationships, friendships, love lives, and advice about everyday people. Well, at least I call it advice; you would probably just call it ‘This person is forcing me to actually smile today! This is outrageous!’ you know talking in a little whiny voice. Just kidding, that is unless you actually are reading it like that, then perfect it worked! Just kidding again, nothing actually worked, I am just rambling on about this small idea stuck in my head. But, seriously consider smiling at work to co-workers or strangers on the street, or (for us teens) at school! Try it, I dare you. Just go one day and smile at the people you think are having a bad day, make them realize that it’s just a bad day and not a bad life.

Summing up this article into a few more sentences, consider smiling, set free the people you most love if it’s for the better, try reading magazine articles every once in a while to see what society has come to, and just know that life isn't bad that it’s just some of the day is. Remember the best memories and forget the worst, if you do I promise your life will get better. Don’t be such a negative Nelly or Ned because it won’t ever help the situation, try being more positive. Try listening to what I am typing up here and try it because maybe this article won’t be such a waste of time. Remember the dare I asked you to try, do it and tell me what happens.

Have a great day.
Published: 3/19/2013
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