I Do, I Do

A poem about a feeling of love.
I keep dreaming,
Perhaps I'm a dreamer,
I keep singing,
Maybe I'm also a singer,
I keep praying,
I keep hoping,
All for that day, when you'll say, "I do."

My peers are in pairs,
Their days are growing gray hair,
And they say I'm lasting,
And that I should at least be dating,
I tell them I'm not hurrying,
Nothing will keep me from waiting,
For I know the one for me,
The one to walk the aisle with me,
And I will keep waiting,
For that day when you'll say, "I do."

Am not weak,
But I'm not that strong,
To leave this true love,
And settle for something lesser,
Yeah! Lesser!
Because no love is above this,
And I keep it in prayers,
I tell it to friends,
I tell it to you,
That I'm still waiting for that day,
When you'll say, "I do."

I love you,
There isn't other sweeter expression,
But I swear my heart is honey,
If loving you is sweetness,
I will devote every single minute,
Every single moment,
Every single strength inside me,
Every single thing that I have,
Everything that I am,
Just to love you,
If only you look at the preacher,
You look back at me,
You look at the congregation,
And you look back at me,
And you stick at me, eye on eye,
And you say it loud, "I do."

When you walk me through your maids,
When the church goes dead silent,
When I open my mouth,
And they stop breathing,
So they can hear what I want to say,
I will quench their thirst,
I will say what they know...
That, "I do."
Published: 9/4/2014
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