I Fell in Love with a Fallen Angel - Prologue

Lifetime passes but she keep coming back!
She stood next to the window, her silk dressing gown quivered in the slight breeze coming from the slightly ajar window. She stood watching him. He was moving away and he hadn’t told her. She had found out when one of the maids let it slip. He couldn’t move away she loved him, she didn’t know what it was, but she felt drawn to him. She took a step forward, her bare feet froze on the tile floor of the library. He was sat in the large armchair in the middle of the room. His shoulder twitched as he sketched. She stepped closer. She could smell his warmth. He turned his head and looked at her. She stood with her arms behind her back. "You’re moving."

"Yes." He stood up, he was tall and his hair was messy. He had been crying. She reached out her hand to touch his face. "Why did you not tell me?"

"I didn’t want to alarm you."

"But I love you..." He put his finger to her lips. She backed up. His eyes were glowing, the fire cracked and she could see that she would not win the argument. She ran out of the library and into the huge garden.

At the far end of the garden was a maze of bushes, she ran as fast as she could into them. Winding round the corners until she was completely lost. She knew he would follow her, she hoped to God he would follow her. She sat there for hours waiting but he never came. She stood in the maze thinking about where he could be, what could be taking him so long, was he ok? Her head spun with all these thoughts and she couldn’t stop thinking them. Had he left her? Had he gone without saying goodbye? Didn’t he care for her? She fell to her knees, her thoughts weighing her down. She drifted off, to a world where he cared and she was happy and he wasn’t leaving. She laid on the grass lost in the maze and fell into a deep sleep.

When she woke she was back inside, in her bed. Was it him, had he finally come for her? She sat up and ran to the library. He wasn’t there. She ran round the entire house and went into the garden. But he had gone, he had left her without saying goodbye. She walked inside and up to her room. There was an envelope on her dresser. Her name was scribbled on the front and it wasn’t sealed. She sat crossed legged on her bed and opened it. ‘Never forget me and do not worry. I love you and that is why I left, believe me. Forever and always.’ He had left it for her, she held it close to her heart. A small folded piece of parchment fell out of the envelope. She held it, confused but inquisitive. She opened it, it was the garden and two people sat on the bench next to the pond. She knew who it was. She stuck it behind her mirror and there it stayed for her lifetime, forever and always.
Published: 6/19/2012
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