I Have Loved

The ways I have loved him, heart, body, mind, and soul.
I have loved you as the ocean does,
Kissing sands in endless waves,
Warmed by the light of your love,
Gentle breezes urging me to you.

I have loved you as the forest does,
In silence pregnant with life,
Tap roots burrowed deep inside,
Giving strength to withstand all.

I have loved you as the air does,
Softly ruffling your tangled hair,
Cooling you on long, hot nights,
Warming you in deepest cold.

I have loved you as the fire does,
Burning bright in darkest times,
Shedding light on secret passions,
Guiding wandering feet on the path to me.

I have loved you as a woman does,
Perfectly filled with imperfections,
With passion and desire, joy, and pain,
With all that makes me who I am.

Yes, I have loved you in every way,
Though at times it's caused me pain,
I know that I have hurt you too,
But that love, it yet remains.
Published: 4/2/2014
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