I Have Many Ways of Loving You

A poem that shows about the ways of loving a person. A love that will do anything to conquer pain, barriers, and circumstances. A love that always find reasons to live, to love, and keep falling in love all over again.
I can't think of anything else,
But to make you happy, my love above someone else,
When I see your smile, it makes me pause for a while,
Then I ask myself,
Can I make this angel stay not just for a short while?

I face each day with much of a feat,
I'm still standing on a ground,
Even if sometimes I am defeated,
Even if I stand only with one of my feet,
Loving you means fighting till the end.

I mess around with you and you laugh at my jokes,
It pokes my playful heart and makes time avast,
Oh dear! I am unhappy when you are not at my side,
Like a clown,
Loving you means making you laugh at all times.

You cried once and stumble because of pain,
Me as well suffer the same emotional drain,
Still we offer each other's shoulders,
And try taking away this irrevocable sickness,
Loving you means bearing together even the fiercest pain.

Now, I hate you for my heart always look for you,
I hate you because time tick fast when I am with you,
I hate this feeling of missing you all the time,
But now I understand,
Loving you means missing you all the time.

I don't regret the way I decided to pursue you,
Co'z I challenge myself on how this angel fall in love to me,
Oh! It is hard! Yes!
It is truly complicated,
No matter what,
Loving you means pursuing with an extra effort and time.

Now, I just can't imagine on how these things are going,
I just love the feeling for making you one of my reasons,
The reason to live longer and to share this love unselfishly,
I then realized that I unintentionally,
Building more reasons just to be with you.

Have you ever heard about Agape Love?
Oh! That is unconditional love which God only can offer,
But I maybe a human and cannot offer everything,
I always do my best to foster,
This kind of love to you, my love!

We may have both admirable strengths,
And we may have both shameful weaknesses,
But I love you the way you are & that brings me life,
Loving you means complementing you,
In spite of our differences.

Oh well! There are still many ways to love,
And I have to figure it out,
This enchanting journey makes my heart and mind work out,
There might be ways left undiscovered,
But I will make all of those uncovered,
For Loving you will never be run out ways!
Published: 2/6/2012
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