I Haven’t Changed

That's the truth.
I could never hide my feelings for you,
Never was I able to hide what I felt inside,
Maybe it was because I was overfilled with love for you,
Or perhaps because I could never keep anything from you.

Maybe it was a foolish thing to do,
To open up my heart to a stranger,
But I never felt any regret telling you,
What I felt 5 years ago and what I feel now is the same.

I haven’t changed a bit,
I’ll admit there have been others between the two of us,
But in the end I could never remove the feelings I had for you,
The queen of my heart, the savior of my life.

That’s what you always have been to me,
The one and only,
That’s why I can’t give you up,
I guess that is why, I love you so much.
Published: 6/5/2012
Bouquets and Brickbats