I Honestly Love You and Wish You All the Best

Your hands are stained with the blood you shed,
And your past is buried far away somewhere,
If you let me I can turn everything right,
Don't be afraid and run away that's not the way out.

Trust in my words with all your being,
Trust in me you won't regret a thing,
I can heal the wounds inside of your heart,
Let me in, give love just one more shot.

What can I do to make you believe me?
There are ghosts everywhere we all have a past,
What should I say so, you'd put your faith in me?
Don't let yourself get caught in all your disgust.

I know you've been hurt, believe me I understand,
So what is the use of you being so alone,
I won't try to break you or get inside your head,
I'll be the first one who won't throw a stone.

I've been through a lot too, more than you imagine,
What you did before, I won't ask for reasons,
If I am too much I will get the picture,
But I'll be here for you when they will all change like seasons.

Close your eyes for a minute, try to get some sleep,
If you want me to leave, I'll be gone before you wake,
But I'll stick around, to make sure you rest a bit,
If you ever want me to come back, it won't be too late.

Like I told you before, I am always here for you,
Don't try to hide your dusted box of memories,
I've known you before, I can see your fear is true,
Nobody else can, nobody else will ever have a damn clue.

They all say they know you, I don't know if that's true,
Through the years, I've learned to read between the lines,
The fury in your eyes, to me is nothing new,
No need for fake tears or useless used lies.

I've wanted to be more than just a good friend,
Maybe you knew I did for a very long time,
And I will understand if you say you can't,
I'll pay the damned price for crossing the line.

These feelings I have, I hope won't come between us,
I want to be there to light for you a candle,
Or maybe I'm unlucky, probably I'm cursed,
Maybe what you have going on, is too much for me to handle.

One way or another I am sure, you do know best,
Your eyes are now closed and you stopped breathing,
There is a break in my heart and explosion in my chest,
I'll leave because I don't want you to see be bleeding.

I've tried everything to save you from yourself,
I would've gone through fire and hell for you,
Can't think of anything other than I didn't take care of myself,
But believe in me when I say your life isn't doomed.

Yes I saw the blood and I saw the knife wounds,
And I saw more than you'll ever think I did,
And I heard all the screams inside you but you didn't lose,
You didn't lose a war, just a small fight with life which doesn't mean anything.

I don't know what scares you but I know of nightmares,
And I know of the loved ones that walked through that door,
The tears in your eyes and all those meaningless stares,
This isn't going to end, life will throw at you way more.

I'll kiss you goodbye and hand you this letter,
Unlike the others that left, I'll come visit you sometime,
If you don't want me to, it's all for the better,
Last time I checked, love wasn't a crime.

And you may be difficult but so easy to love,
Easy to be around to ever with all your problems,
I'll miss coming straight to you asking for a hug,
Or asking you questions, always seeking answers.

In my heart you always did and always will have a place,
There won't be anyone like you, no "somebody else",
For you are unique and unlikely to be replaced,
I honestly love you, and wish you all the best.
Published: 7/2/2012
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