I Knew I'd Make It

The joyous song of my heart.
Standing at the banks of mighty Chania river,
The golden streaks of the sun announcing the rain's over,
My young heart throbs hard as if in bid to escape,
From the cage that she's been held all her life,
But deep down myself happiness is rife,
'Cause I know I've made it.

This happiness in my heart,
Is the emblem I'll hold as a sign of victory after the fight,
Like a wounded warrior who's won a fierce battle,
Forever I shall uphold this stained mantel,
And at the bosom of my heart,
I clap 'cause I know I've made it.

Down were so many a time,
When life seemed not to care a dime,
Many were times when situations seemed too difficult,
And felt like my life was coming to a halt,
But onward I soldiered though feeling faint,
Happy at last that I made it.
Published: 11/5/2014
Bouquets and Brickbats