I Know You Understood

This poem is dedicated to my grandpa RIP 11/3/2009, I read this aloud at his funeral. I miss him very much.
My grandpa was a great man, even more so than some of you could understand. He loved his family with all his heart, I know that's why he held on so long in the dark. Although I know he's gone to a better place, that doesn't change the fact I wish I could see his face.
Nothing can bring him back, at times though I wish I could.
I already miss his voice and continue to reminisce on his life.
Our family is holding onto his memory that is so strong.
Our lives will never be the same, and that is something that will never change. For me he was the only grandpa I ever knew.
Always there to guide me to see things through and through.
His spirit will be with us forever, and one day he will guide us all into the light. Where he'll be waiting to reunite.
It will take a long time to get through this, but he'll be watching hoping our souls will prevail.
I will never forget you grandpa, I never could. I love you and when we said goodbye, I know you understood.
Published: 6/18/2010
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