I Live for You and Only You...

This poem depicts a lover who is eagerly waiting for his spouse to get back, and wants to exclaim "I Live for You and Only You..." Trying to reach out to her heart, a poem that would let her know her importance in his life...
Nothing in life seems meaningful
Nothing in life seems beautiful
All I have is love for you
I live for you and only you...

You are the ray of hope I have seen
Nothing in life could be as good as it has been
Don't stay away from me
Ah! My heart longs together to be.

It's been long, very long
You are the one to whom I belong
Life has not been easy
You are the one who could set me free.

Commitments we had shared
So we were ready and dared
How can we get our dream this way
Individually, with time to spare!

Fast days are passing by
Together we got to fly
Now no time to step back
Asking time to set a track.

I live for you and only you
Together I am sure we can make it true
Let's get together and love each other
With nothing in this world to bother.

I live for you, You live for me
This is the way it should be
Coz, I live for you and only you
Nothing in life can be as beautiful as you.
By Benhur Soans
Published: 8/12/2011
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