I Love You From Depth

Love is peace...
Just like a ship sailing
On the blue ocean,
My heart goes
Beating in heaven.

It is just because of you
And your brownish golden eyes,
There’s no one who can save me
From drowning in those skies.

They are like the ocean
But my heart is no more sailing,
It is drowned
And I'm no more ailing.

I feel nothing
That goes around me,
When you’re around
There’s no one, just you and me.

My heart gets stuck in my throat
When you talk to me,
I can’t speak
You magic on me.

I am so cold
But you’re colder,
But I wanna be in your arms
Please also be the hugger.

There’re thousands of seasons I bear
Since I’ve met you,
There is no other voice I hear
Just the voice that comes out you.

I feel safe with you
But even then I shiver,
Because you’re around
You give me a quiver.

I can’t care whether I fall or not
I can’t keep my eyes off of you,
You are the only one I got
To see because I love you.
Published: 12/29/2011
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