I Love You Mom

Everyone loves their mother, but we often fail to express our feelings whenever she is around. This poem portrays my feelings towards my mom whom I love the most, but neither could express it nor give her what she deserves. I love you mom, I love you...
Everyone has a past
Some have had good while some bad
But long it never lasts
One good, I'm sure everyone has had

As we know, life is uncertain,
Where only God can pull the curtain
Thinking of which
My mind begins to twitch

Things we expect much
But forget, it's all about luck
To have someone - on whom you can rely on
In this world of deceit, it can only be your MOM

She strives hard, to help you grow
But you always keep craving for more
When one day you know there'll be no one to adore
Cause she has less time in store

We think of how to make the call
When we sit back and think of all
Times we begin to fall
Is understood, when we sit in closed walls

I wish I could make all her dreams come true
Give her all the happiness, she deserves to
Relieving her of all the pain she goes through
But, God plays a game tying my hands too

I love you mom! I love you...
By Benhur Soans
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