I Love You Still - Chapter 11

Georgina turns to Noah, the one man she feels who she can rely on, but he is no longer interested in playing the faithful friend. Georgina is now faced with losing the one man who has always been there for her and the man she thought she wanted to be with.
'You’re still my No. 1.' What did that mean? She sat at the kitchen counter staring into space, a cup of coffee cradled in-between her hands. She smiled at how happy she felt and realized that it was because of those words and that look in his eyes, and his lips against her skin.

Again the nervous flutter of her heart reminded her that this was something that she had felt before and with him. He certainly had a way about him. He was beautiful to her, always had been and thinking of him and how he looked in the morning, or in a suit, or last night for that matter.

He had the first signs of stubble and she had wanted to run her fingers along his cheek and jaw, as she might have been able to do if she were not with Dylan. Again his words came back to her, did he mean it as a friend, as if to say don’t worry about the distance between us you and I will always be friends. Yes, that is what he meant. The realization dampened her spirits, which made her even angrier because here she was unable to sleep because Noah Ryan Scott had kissed her in the middle of the night out on the street. On impulse she grabbed her bag.

Noah answered on her third ring. He was already dressed and looking fresh. He didn’t say anything, just stood back so she could come in.
"I couldn’t sleep," she followed him into the kitchen. He poured two cups of freshly brewed coffee and set it down in front of her. She picked it up and then set it down, "what did you mean?"
"I beg your pardon."
"Last night."

"Ah," he took a sip of coffee, "take from it what you need I guess."
"So don’t worry everything’s alright," she said.
"You seem disappointed."
"No, of course not," she shook her head, "I’m starving," she changed the subject, "will you make me those scrambled eggs."
"So demanding," he chided and got out the eggs from the fridge, "okay scrambled eggs it is, what else would the lady like," she stared at him, "for breakfast." He prompted.

"Oh, eggs on toast will be grand," she said taking a seat and with her chin supported by her hand, she watched him cook. He was neat yet still passionate in his actions as he whisked and then poured and then moved to the toaster before setting down a beautifully garnished eggs on toast before her. "Fabulous," she clapped her hands and then picked up her fork, "this was just what I needed."

"I can see that." He reached for the paper and read as she ate.
"You’re not eating?"
"I’m meeting up with Gill later," Noah said without looking up.
"Why didn’t you tell me you were leaving?" She suddenly asked, realizing that she needed to know, "it wasn’t right."
"You didn’t notice, did you? No harm, no foul."
"It's not as easy as that, you owe me more than that."
"Do I?" He set the paper down "and what is it that you think I owe you, I’m really interested to hear this," he waited.

"Don’t turn this round on me," he came to stand in front of her, turned the stool round so that she was facing him and placed his hands on either side, "what am I doing that’s upset you now dearest Georgina."

She opened and closed her mouth, he was so close she could smell the soap on him from his recent shower; his hair was also slightly damp and glistening. She stared at the open top button in his white shirt, and noticed the muscles moving in his neck. She moved her eyes slowly up to meet his eyes. He had a bemused expression on his face, "Are you turned on by this?" He asked incredulously.

"Of course not," she spluttered. He threw his head back and laughed. She tried to move out of the chair but his hands still resting on the sides stopped her. "I want to go home," she told him haughtily.
"You want breakfast, you want to pester me with your questions but the minute I ask a few of my own, you want to run home."
"Don’t flatter yourself."

"I have you for that," he returned quickly. He leaned closer, "how about now. How does this make you feel?"
"You’re insufferable. I have a boyfriend."
"So you keep saying yet here you are," she looked at him scared of what this all meant.

"Forget it," he launched away, "I can see that shrink mind of yours shifting into overdrive. Go home Georgina."
He began clearing up the dishes. "How can you be so warm one moment and so cold the next," she shot at him accusingly.
"I don’t like games," he tossed back at her, "I play it simple, you know exactly who I am but you, I don’t know whether you’re coming or going," he rounded on her, "what exactly do you think you’re doing here. We’re not sleeping together anymore, that was your choice."

"I’m having breakfast at a friends."
"Right," he snapped, "silly me, because it's okay for a woman involved with one of my friends to come over here at six in the morning."
"It’s not like that."
"What are you doing here?" He repeated.
"I told you," she was standing now, shaking from the anger and embarrassment.

"Yeah, well we both know that’s a lie. Why didn’t you wake Dylan up, get him to make you some bloody scrambled eggs," he shook his head, "you’re not a kid anymore," he continued to lecture her, "you never used to be like this. You cared about what your actions meant and how in affected people."

"You’re being unfair."

"I’m unfair," he echoed, "turn around and go back to your boyfriend, I’m sure he’ll be wondering where you got off to," he stopped seeing her distraught expression, "look we’re friends. I’ve always been honest with you and this right here is wrong and you know it."
"So you want me to leave."
"What does it matter what I want, you’ve never cared about that in the past, so why start now."

"So this is how you really feel about me," she whimpered, "you all think I’m a selfish brat," she all but wailed. She saw the corners of his mouth twitch, "I’m glad this is all so very funny," she slapped her hand against his chest. "you’re supposed to be on my side."

He caught her hand and pushed it away from him.
"Noah," she breathed.
"I will not wait around and watch this and let my life go to hell in the process," he said quietly and slowly, "you want what you can’t have. The minute you do get it, you don’t want it anymore," he stopped and looked down at her bent head, "you can’t play these games with people we’re not as strong as you are."

She was taken aback at his brutal honesty and suddenly she saw how arrogant she had been running around, doing exactly what she wanted with no care for how it affected anyone but herself. As long as she was happy the world was how it should be.

"I think you and I need some space," she said finally, "maybe we’re not good for each other."
He was quiet, "I agree with some space. Some space while you sort yourself out will be good. I have a lot carrying on at the moment anyway."
They were both quiet contemplating this new agreement. Georgina reached for her bag.

"Hey, it's okay," he grinned and pulled her into a quick hug and walked her to the door, "this is a good thing you will see. People grow apart, they forge new paths and this is what you are doing with Dylan. You will always wonder what might have been with him if you mess it up now. Do you really want to be that same girl pining over him when you have the chance to be with him now?"

"Maybe you should have been the therapist," she quipped. He waited till she had stepped into the elevator and then shut the door.
A part of him was relieved that it was all over. He knew Georgina so well that her behavior had not come as a shock. She was always afraid to live her life, holding onto some dream and using it as an excuse to never move forward. Now that she had attained everything she wanted, she was afraid again that it may not work out, questioning whether she wanted it.

But as long as he had known Georgina, she had always wanted Dylan and she still wanted him now. She just needed the courage to be with him. Noah would be that friend to her. The one that nudged her in the right direction and he had done his job now, he needed to work on his life.

While he was in Paris, he had sorted through a lot of his feelings for her, and how he thought his life would have been if Dylan hadn’t appeared on the scene and he had come up with the same answer. He was tired of waiting for Georgina to realize how she felt about him. He couldn’t force her to want to be with him, and he certainly was not in the business of making a fool of himself.

No, this was the best solution for everyone. Georgina and Dylan would live happily ever after and he would be fine, just as he always had.


Georgina felt like the air had been sucked out of her lungs. As soon as the elevator doors had closed, the tears had started to fall. She had lost Noah and she knew that this time it was for good.

She had always expected him to be there, to be hers but he wasn’t. He was moving on with his life and Scarlet was right she couldn’t have the best of both worlds. She didn’t even know she cared about Noah, other than being her annoying friend until she had felt him pull away.

Maybe she didn’t care about Noah in that way, maybe he was right and she was just projecting her fears onto him. It was a good thing he had brought her crashing back down to earth, otherwise she would have been left with nothing. No Dylan and no Noah. It would be ironic if after everything she were the one who ended up alone.



I really hope that everyone is enjoying the story. And please if you have any suggestions let me know and I can see if I can write it in.
Published: 9/9/2013
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