I Love You Still - Chapter 16 (Filler)

Noah reveals the truth of why he came back home and while he may hold the key to getting Georgina back he is reluctant to make use of it.
Thank you once again for all the comments. This chapter is a filler but necessary.


"You have to tell her."
Noah shot Gill a contemplative look, "It's not that easy."
"Sure it is, you want to be with her, don’t you? Then tell her what a scumbag her boyfriend is."

Noah darkened, "I don’t want her to know what he did."
"Then you’re a fool," Gill shrugged and picked up his racket to inspect it. They had just finished a strenuous but satisfying game of tennis.
"Come on, I’ll buy you a drink if you promise to shut up," Noah led the way to the club bar and they took a table.

"I don’t get it, James told you the truth in Paris and you’re not going to do anything with that information. Why?" Noah didn’t answer, "Fine, I’ll tell her," Gill picked up his phone and started scrolling through his contacts.
"Put the phone down," Noah ordered lightly.
"I’ll give you a week," Gill warned, "I have nothing to lose and neither do you."

"So what do you propose, that I walk up to her and say hey Georgina guess what it wasn’t Jane that cheated but hold your breath…" he shook his head, "or better yet the only reason the divorce took so long was because your cheating boyfriend didn’t want to give his daughter a piece of his trust fund."

"You forgot that the only reason he came back here was, because he was too embarrassed to face anyone there."
"It's just too convenient," Noah argued.
"Exactly, someone up there must love you. I wager whoever it is must be female," Noah grinned.

"Seize the day, take what’s yours. Or better yet, punch the guy. I want to be there when you do it."
Noah laughed, "That would make your day, huh?"
"Dude, that would make my year," Gill took a sip of his beer, "come on, for once think of me and what would make me happy."

"While I would like nothing better. I don’t think it will achieve the desired effect, I can feel that she is in two minds at the moment."
"How can you be so sure?" Gill planted the seed of doubt, "I mean, okay so you guys went at it again. Great. That doesn’t mean she’s going to leave Dylan to elope with you to France."

"How romantic you make it all sound..." Noah drawled.
"Hey, I’m being realistic here. You have to play to your strengths."
"Thanks for the lecture," Noah sighed and watched a group of women playing a game of doubles.

He had come back home to bury the guy in the sand and be there for Georgina when she heard the news. Why had he complicated things by sleeping with her? It was because he had wanted her, because he loved her and he was exhausted trying to build a life without her. Of course, he had to consider that he would have done nothing if James Mathews hadn’t confided in him, and that ate at him.

A part of him expected her to leave Dylan and be with him just because she wanted to be with him, but he also knew that she cared deeply for the man that was once her best friend and the love of her life. Georgina may not leave Dylan, she did love him in her own way and Noah could never compete with the history they shared.

"What are you thinking?" Gill observed his suddenly quiet demeanor.
"I was thinking that I couldn’t compete with all that history."
"Ah, well you have a point there. Maybe you actually don’t love her," Gill suggested doubtfully.
"Perhaps, you’re right. Maybe this is just a game of cat and mouse for me."
Gill shook his head, amazed by the idea, "Wouldn’t that be a cruel twist?"
"Not as cruel as this," Noah said darkly, "no matter what happens someone is going to get hurt."

"Why did James tell you all this anyway?" Gill was suddenly suspicious, "I don’t understand what would inspire him to betray his brother."
"Ah, well there’s another interesting story right there. Turns out there is no love lost between the Mathews siblings. They are all tired of Dylan running around, relying on them to support his bad habits. You see he blew all his trust fund when he was in Australia. Lavish parties, private jets to Asia, you name it our friend Dylan did it. Part of the reason he’s home I suspect.
"That is a story," Gill whistled, "so mom and dad have him on lockdown, do they?"

"Yeah, they do." James indicated that they are allowing him a comfortable living allowance but nothing that he is used to.
"I can’t help but feel there is justice in the world. I mean what loser, cheats on his wife and doesn’t even have the decency to pay for child support."
"You don’t have to tell me. The thought of that scumbag being anywhere near the people I love…" he trailed off. He didn’t want to give in to the anger. He knew what happened when he did that.

"Perhaps, you shouldn’t think so much about it. I mean you have a goldmine in your hands, so cash in," Gill shrugged.
"Has it ever occurred to you that, just maybe I would want her to be with me because she wanted to even with Dylan in the picture. I mean, is too much to ask for that she choose me and not because I was the only guy left standing."
Gill was serious, "I would choose you any day. No question."
"Thanks sweetheart."
"Anytime," Gill laughed and they looked at the lunch menu.
Published: 9/30/2013
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