I Love You Still - Chapter 4

Georgina finds it difficult to be apart from Noah.
Noah was halfway through reading his write-up on the annual report when the doorbell rang. He noted the page he was on and got up. He glanced at the clock as he made his way to the door. 8:30. When he opened it he didn’t expect to find Georgina on the other side. "I hope you don’t mind," she walked past him. Noah closed the door and turned to face her.

"To what do I owe this pleasure?"

"Scarlet told me you’re not coming this weekend." She said it more as an accusation than anything else and she realized how absurd she must sound to him. Yet when she was driving over here, she had thought about what she was going to say and why she was going to see him in the first place and it had made perfect sense. Now she wasn’t so sure, not with him looking at her in that way, he did that made it seem like he was dissecting all her thoughts and feelings.

"Would you like a drink?" He asked instead of answering her question, "I’m getting one," he walked past her into the lounge and poured two glasses of whiskey. Georgina frowned and followed him. He was so distant that she didn’t know what to say to him to bring him back to her. If she were smart she would give him space. Let him work through whatever it was he was going through but that had never been her style. "What is wrong with you?" She took the drink and waited.

Noah took a sip of the drink and considered her, "Nothing, I have a report I need to get through. I’m a little preoccupied running five offices in three different continents, sorry if I don’t pause in-between."

"So all of a sudden you don’t have time for your friends," she paused, "No wait. You don’t have time for me, because you seem to have enough time to go to charity events and double date with Gill and Scarlet."

"You have my permission to invite Dylan next time," she returned smoothly.
"Is this what this is about?" She smiled, "You’re jealous of the time I’m spending with Dylan?" Georgina couldn’t help but smile, Noah’s jealousy she could deal with.

"Sorry to disappoint but I just haven’t had time. I will make more of an effort in the future because I can see how much it affects you."

Georgina stared at him, she had not been expecting that. Looking at him now she knew that she had made a fool of herself, "Wow, I’m sorry for misreading the situation."

Noah sighed and finished his drink; he turned to pour himself another. "It's okay, you shouldn’t be here talking about how guilty you feel that things are not the same," he turned back to her and suddenly he placed the drink down and walked up to her, she looked up at him, "What do you want from me?" She hesitated, not sure how to answer and he kissed her. He felt her body awaken against his and pulled her closer against him. She didn’t hesitate but wrapped her arms around him and stood on her toes so she could deepen the kiss. He pulled away and turned back to pick up his drink. "Did you ever wonder why he came back?"

"To get some space, to get perspective on the whole situation."
"What man leaves the woman he loves no matter what she’s done? If he loves her he would be back in Australia working things out with her."
"That’s harsh, what would you do in those circumstances."
"That’s not my question," he returned smoothly, "if I had decided to leave my wife then yes I would have left. If I had any doubt I would be right there fighting."

"How romantic," she snapped but her heartbeat heavily at his words. They were perfect words filled with so much meaning that she believed him.
"You know I’m right," he said softly, "but then again this is exactly what you want."
"You make me sound like a homewrecker," she was offended that he would think that of her, they had been through a lot and to hear him talk about her in that way hurt, "you’re no better."
"I know what I am and I don’t hide it," he returned with a shrug of his shoulders, "you on the other hand would like to think that you live a moral life."

"You don’t give yourself enough credit," he smiled.
"You want Dylan, you always have, so go for it," he paused to take a sip of his drink, "what are you waiting for. You know you want him why deny it."
"What are you waiting for, the perfect time?" He laughed, "you wait for that and he’ll either go running back to Jane or will set up shop with someone else. Believe me."
"You seem to have him pegged down."
"And you think I’m lying?" She shook her head at him. He looked at his watch, "It's getting late you should go home."

"Do you want me to go home?"
He laughed again, "I’m in no mood for games tonight I’m afraid." Georgina paused and thought about this new complicated Noah. He had never rejected her before and she found the thought was unbearable. "I think you should go home. You’ll regret it if you stay."
"Can I not make my own decisions?"
"Of course," he finished his drink, "What will it be then?"
She stepped up to him, "I’m staying, with you."
Published: 7/10/2013
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