I Love You Still - Chapter 9

Noah gives Georgina the push she needs to be with Dylan.
True to his word, Dylan was giving her time to think things through. They had come back from their weekend away and he had been keeping his distance. Georgina was at her wits' end, she knew that she had a tough decision to make and once she made it, there was no going back.

"You wanted to see me." She looked up as Noah joined her at the bar, it was after work.

She had called him and asked him to meet her here. She needed his advice and he was the only one she really trusted with this sort of thing. She watched, suddenly nervous as he ordered a drink. She hadn't seen him since they came back from the weekend away, truth be told he had kept his distance from her and she had let him be. He looked devastatingly handsome in a lightweight navy suit with a crisp white shirt that set of his tan to perfection. A sudden thought entered her mind and she brushed it aside. She knew that she couldn't reach out and brush his hair aside as she might have done in the past.

He turned to her, "Well? What was so urgent you couldn't send me a text."
She blushed and his eyes widened in understanding, "So you're together then."
She shook her head, was she so easy to read.
He waited as she tried to put her thoughts together, "We kissed," she admitted.

"I'm happy for you," his tone was clipped and placed the drink back down on the counter, "if you're looking for congratulations there it is," he made a show of looking at his watch, "now if that was all..."
"Noah, Noah wait," she placed a hand on his arm and squeezed it begging him to stay, "why are you being this way?"
"If you don't know why, then it doesn't matter," he said, his gaze still on her hand.

"I don't understand."
He sat back down and fixed a smile on his face, "Okay, you need someone to talk to, lay it on me," he made eye contact with the bartender and asked for another drink.

"Well, you remember you all went to feed the ducks," he rolled his eyes in response, "Dylan and I spoke and after he kissed me, he admitted that his marriage was over and that they were in the middle of getting divorced. He said that ever since he got back, he knew that he wanted to be with me..." she trailed off seeing his slow smile, "what? What did I say?"
Noah took a sip of his drink, "It sounds like you need a push."

"I guess," she bit her lip, "Noah, what should I do, this is what I wanted but I don't understand, why I feel like there's something holding me back."
"It's just fear Georgina," he sighed, "this is what you wanted all along, so what are you doing sitting with me when you know exactly where you want to be."
"You make everything sound so simple," she sulked at his grave straightforwardness.

"Well, isn't it?" He looked at his phone when a text came in, "are we done here?"
"No," she snapped, angry that she was something he wanted to get rid of.
He sighed and looked up at the ceiling, "What do you want me to say?"
"I want you to tell me, it's alright to love him and be with him. That I deserve to be happy."

He was quiet for a moment and she saw glimpses of that same pained look across his face and then it was gone, "Go, be with him, you deserve to be happy. I want you to," he added slowly and softly, and then he did stand up, dropped some notes on the counter and walked out.


Georgina knocked on the door and then waited. Dylan answered and she saw the look of surprise on his face. She didn't wait as she flung her arms around his neck and breathed in his fresh aftershave. He placed her down on her feet, "Just give me a sec and then we can get out of here," he turned away and then turned back, kissed her slowly and deeply before disappearing back into the house.


"So what did you say?" Gill and Scarlet stared at him from across the counter. Noah took a swig of his beer and rested his hands back on the counter. "I told her to be with him, it was what she wanted me to say," Scarlet opened and closed her mouth and looked at Gill.
Gill nodded a grave and sympathetic look on his face for his friend, "I am sorry, but you deserve better. I'm glad this happened, so now you see what you're dealing with."

"Gee thanks, that makes me feel terribly better," Noah said, a bitter taste in his mouth, "it's fine I could see this coming, and I was prepared for it. The minute she called me, I knew."
"But you still went to the bar," Scarlet was confused, "are you a sucker for torture or something?"
"He's just always been her punching bag," Gill said angrily.
"Hey, while I appreciate the support, let's remember that we're all still friends and I at least need to learn how to deal with that."

There was a noise and they heard the front door opening. Noah groaned as Georgina's voice rang out, there was hurried running and she and Dylan burst into the kitchen holding hands.
"It's happened," she gushed simply overjoyed, her eyes dancing, "we've decided to give this a go."
"I'll break out the champagne," Gill drawled.

Noah went and shook Dylan's hand, "Georgina told me that you're getting a divorce," Dylan raised weary eyes there and Noah was sure he saw panic there, but then it was gone and he shrugged it off, "I'm happy that you two can finally put all this behind you and move on."

"Me too," Dylan murmured and then went to Georgina.
"That was strange," Scarlet whispered coming to stand beside him.
"He's obviously embarrassed by the whole thing. Messy divorcing someone and getting with someone else so quickly," Noah said, "look I'm going to clear out of here."

"You're going," Georgina asked, looking quickly over at him, "why this is a night to celebrate with all our friends."
"Perhaps another time," he looked at her and she stared at him obviously disappointed but she nodded. Noah pulled on his jacket and stepped outside, "Wait," he turned back and saw Georgina coming outside.
"I wanted to thank you for earlier, it was what I needed and now that I have made my decision, I know it was the right one."

Noah nodded and bent to kiss her on the cheek, "Goodbye Georgina."
He walked away and she watched him leave. There was something final in those last words and a shiver traveled down her spine, it seemed like he was letting go. Georgina stood frozen to the spot, why did she always feel this urgent panic when it came to Noah as if each time he said goodbye she might never see him again and the thought was unbearable.


"So this is it," Noah smiled at his friend, "you're running away."
"If that's what you need to hear, sure."
"How long will you be gone," Scarlet asked, she stood next to Gill, tears filling her eyes.
"Hey, don't cry, I'll be back in a couple of months. I have to do this and it's lucky because I need to get away for a while."
Scarlet hugged him and stood back so that he could say goodbye to Gill, "Have you told her?" Gill asked.
Noah shook his head, "I doubt she would care."
Gill hugged him and they promised to visit him in the next month. Gill also had some business in Paris.
Noah waved his plane ticket in his hand and then turned and walked through the gate, and away from her and everything he had once hoped for his life.
Published: 9/9/2013
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