I Miss My Woods

I moved a little bit ago from the country to the suburbs... a big change if you think about the atmosphere...soo I missed my woods and wrote it down ~Comment!
I miss my woods.
I miss watching
The leaves
As they change.
I hate having to just

How deep the snow is there,
Untouched by humans.
I miss hearing the many leaves
Under my feet,
Or running a ways

Just to catch the bus.
I miss watching the river
Its brown waves crashing
Trying to get out,
Reaching for land,
Only to hit more brown liquid.

I miss being able
To walk it off
When you just got in a fight
With your brother
And not running into
Someone who knows you
Or asks what’s wrong.

I miss the smell
Of the newly shed leaves,
Or when they’re just beginning to blossom.
I miss being able to walk
In the newly laid dew
And complain
When the bottom of my jeans
Get wet.

I miss looking out of the car
And seeing cornfields.
Instead I’m stuck with more houses
And more buildings.
I miss exploring
In a place
That I have discovered
My whole life.
I miss my woods.
Published: 6/14/2010
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