I, Phoenix... Do

Just something sweet for places where hope was once lost.
So I rise from the debris of pain,
Dusting off the indifference to a man,
Spitting out the poison of empty promises,
Flapping off the ashes of burnt bridges,
That connected me to the war-ridden villages that were their lives.

I birth from struggle,
From heartbreak,
From simple foolishness to care for those that did not reciprocate,
But, as I open my one eye to allow myself to witness light,
You appear,
Your silhouette drips sweet sap.

I am quick to open my other eye to witness the full sight,
I can’t help but not blink,
Because I am afraid that for if my eyelids merely touch each other,
That the ground I stand on will lose my touch with you.

Our first connection,
Where your feet carry your heart,
There my feet hold hope,
Your presence was a torch that was ablaze,
As you stood behind me, I caught flickers of your energy,
My spine straightened from the closeness of your heat,
Every hair on my body defrosted,
I felt my skin perspire as it aspired to be met by your skin,
But my mouth parched,
I could not verbalize the words spiraling through my head.

With everything, all I wanted to do was to make you remember how I made you feel,
Do I tell a joke,
Do I politely compliment,
Do I profess my dreams and fears,
Or, do I just smile at you till you connect with the rhythm of my heart,
And start synchronizing in order for us to become one life.

We become companions,
As if the heavens knew all that my soul would kindly like,
Is for you to know my name and desire a dialog with me,
Let the angels watch this play,
With their wings flapping vigorously,
And halos shaking anxiously,
Of a possible love that will make them dance for eternity.

You see...
From the moment my ash-smothered eyes laid on you,
I was rebirthed to the hope of love,
Being by you resuscitates my soul,
As I remember what I live for,
I remember my dreams,
I remember my heart,
I remember my name,
Because every time you say it,
All I hear are chimes,
Tickling to the wind of your movement.

I do not know if you are meant for me,
But, I know that when my soul meets yours,
All I can do is dance,
All I can do is laugh,
All I can do is sing with no fear of judgment speeding my way.

I do me wholeheartedly,
And for that I know I admire you completely,
To place my heart next to yours,
Would be the only way to get you to feel the elusive sounds that only you play,
So beautiful,
That every vein radiates like fireflies in the night of your ambiance,
I, Phoenix… do,
Rise because of you.
Published: 11/13/2013
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