I Really Don't Know Why

A beautiful girl next door, whose name I don't know. I express my feelings of love at first sight. Her mesmerizing beauty and her lovely face is always with me, wherever I go.
I don't know why,
My heart calls for you all day,
I don't know your name,
Yet, where I go you're always there.

I sit in front of you,
Admiring your face so enticing, so beautiful,
You pay no heed to my every gesture so truthful,
Yet, I have no complaints,
I don't know why!

My heart follows you wherever you go,
And watches your every step,
It wants to hold you and never let you go,
Yet, you give neither smile nor a sigh,
I don't know why!

Sight of you makes my heart gullible,
In your presence to function it's not able,
You still look so ignorant,
I don't know why!

You lure me, your every move beckons me,
My heart won't listen,
It simply starts to cry,
And won't let your memories die.

I really don't know WHY!
Published: 1/15/2013
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