I Saw Myself In The Mirror

A portent of death?
I saw myself in the mirror,
I was standing right behind me,
It filled my mind with horror,
This image that should never be.
Could it have been an omen,
Pertaining to my doom?
I saw myself in the mirror,
Yet I was alone in the room!

It lasted but a second split,
Transparent to perceive,
How could the mirror manifest,
Such lifelike image of me?
Was that really me, beside myself,
Or is my mirror warped?
I saw myself in the mirror.
A grey and lifeless corpse!

I watched the eyes stare back at me,
From far beyond the grave,
Filled with fear and misery.
Pitied, but unsaved.
'The eyes of Death,' I told myself,
'My God! What can this mean?',
I saw myself in the mirror,
It put the wind up me!

Anxiety in my own mind's eye,
Put terror in my heart,
So scared was I, my blood ran cold,
That my soul should depart,
That Death should reap my spirit,
My life to be no more,
I saw myself in the mirror,
As I had never looked before!

To see my death as preconceived,
In premonitory fashion,
A curse to future's reminisce,
A final play of passion.
A curtain call to Death's applause,
A dirge unto myself,
I saw myself in the mirror,
Stood by the gates of Hell!

I prayed to God, my soul bequeathed,
My promise self-ordained,
That I should practice in His truth,
Should my life be saved,
I begged that He should leadeth me,
Along a righteous path.
I saw myself in the mirror,
A portent of my death!

That my life shall be over soon,
I have no certain doubt,
I brace myself to catch my breath,
As my candle peters out.
The flame of life, a torch to bear,
My heart held in my hand,
I saw myself in the mirror,
A final grain of sand!
Published: 2/22/2012
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