I See (Melancholy)

The deep sorrow of a broken heart.
I see two lovers walking hand in hand,
They remind me of something that I once had,
A split second of glory, a flash in the pan,
A whisper of something I could never understand.

I see romance in flowers and flickering candles,
Read poetic prose that I find hard to handle,
I feel my lips bleed as I kiss the cold steel,
Of a barbed wire tongue that has lost its appeal.

I see dreams in the eyes of courting couples,
Their hopes and plans of a future, untroubled,
They don't know yet, the pain of a broken heart,
Nor are they wizened in melancholy thought.

I see warmth in the card I received in the post,
Sun-kissed by the beauty of a Balearic coast,
While my rain-lashed window gives a bleary view,
Like tears left redundant with nothing to lose.

I see people mourning the passing of life,
And I wonder if anyone will miss me when I die?
As I feel the ambiance of a courtship with death,
So cold is the sleep that enshrouds my last breath.
Published: 8/8/2012
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