I Shall Not Despair

I will not let go.
These blue diamonds stare at me,
Every time I happen to look at thee,
In a still portrait of beauty,
It is motionless but moves me.

Feel the waves of emotion,
Shake my spine like a hurricane,
Down every inch it whispers to me,
What a beautiful sin this is?

Thy smile brings flames to this ice-cold heart,
Warm it up for only a quick instant,
But still it counts as the kindest thing,
This heart has ever seen.

Ashamed so ashamed,
I hide in the shades,
Closed firmly, oh, so firmly, closed these gates,
How shall I ever get around this maze?

Should never have spoken such passionate words to you,
But still I will not regret it,
I will not regret the smile it drew,
Blame not a heart that has learned nothing, but anger and pain,
My love, you will never be mine, but I shall not despair.

I shall not despair,
As long as thy kindness remains.
Published: 1/27/2015
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