I Should Have Known It Was You (1)

Eighteen-year-old Brandon attends a house party. An unforeseen situation happens that destroyed Brandon's life. Join him as he unravels the clues and mysteries of the traumatic experience to uncover the cold truth.
The pool is lit up, and it is a sparkling light-blue diamond in the dark room. I'm looking at the most beautiful woman in the world with her killer figure in a hot-red bikini. Her usual golden curls are now dripping wet and sticking against her hot, sexy skin.

"Oh, Courtney Fox, you're so stunning," I whisper, looking into her lustful eyes and stroking her cheek with my thumb softly.

"I want your virginity," she whispers, wrapping her arms around my neck and pulling me close, almost roughly. I'm quite surprised by her eagerness, but it turns me on more, knowing she shares the same burning passion of desire. She parts her rosebud lips open, slowly and teasingly, ready to kiss me, when a ringing noise blares out of her mouth.

"Huh? What's going on?" I wonder. Ring... ring... it just keeps getting louder and louder like an ear-splitting siren.. and-

I wake up, groaning, and I look at the time on my digital alarm clock. Precisely 3:00 am. My phone is ringing, almost sounding impatient in the night. Just who exactly is calling at this ungodly hour?

"Hey Brandon, are you asleep?"

Of course. Who else can it be?

"Nah, I'm skydiving," I retort.

"Aw, no fair! You went skydiving without me..." he whines. I can practically imagine him pouting on the other end.

I groan again. "What do you want, Ben?"

"Well, I want to skydive now."

"Why did you call?" I snap.

"Oh, just a quick reminder. There's a sick birthday party tomorrow by Danny and it'll be in his legendary home and blah... blah... blah..."

Ugh! I don't have the energy to pretend I care about this!

"Okay. Goodnight!"

I'm about to hang up when I hear Ben yelling like a maniac. God, I feel sorry for his mother, who unfortunately shares the same roof with that nutcase.

"Wait! Wait! Just WAIT! Jeez. You will go, won't you? The last time I invited you to a banging party, you flaked out for your stupid coursework. That's so not cool, by the way, you left me with Tye and his bitch fits. There's only so many fat jokes I can take before I snap. And you know Shawn, he just lets it all happen. You're like the peacemaker of the group, we need you bro! You gotta come."

I sigh heavily. "If I agree, will you let me sleep?"

"Of course, buddy. I'll even let you have a sweet dream about me squashing Tye to death with my fat ass."

"Finall- what? What the heck is wrong with you?" I demand grumpily.

"I don't know. You're nuts if you expect me to talk sense at this mad hour!"

I click my tongue in annoyance and cut the call. Then I return to my deep slumber.


Looking out of the window of the moving train, the tracks are blurring past at a steady speed that is gradually getting faster. In the distance, I have an open view of the nature, where all I see are greenery, and hills, and bridges, and sometimes the occasional goats roaming around freely. I close my eyes, and imagine that I am roaming around with them, while the wind is blowing softly against my skin under the starless sky.

Last night I hoped to return to my blissful dream about Courtney Fox, my celebrity crush, who I had fallen for as soon as I saw her on the pop series, My Strange Life. But instead Ben's fat ass suffocating Tye had haunted my mind for the entire night.

My eyelids feel so heavy... I feel like I can drift off to sleep now...

Suddenly, I feel a nudge on my rib. I turn to my right and there's my best friend, Shawn. His hair looks golden under the white lights, and his green eyes look startlingly bright.

"Hey... what are your train of thoughts?" He asks. Then he snickers, "Get it? Because we're on a train!"

"Oh, that's a knee slapper," I say drily. I let out a sigh and rest my head against the window, feeling the smooth ride wash over me like a calming waterfall. I close my eyes and drift off again.

"Damn it!"

That loud outburst jolts me awake. What now?

"I forgot to get Danny a gift," Ben whines, running his hands through his tousled, brown hair. There is a clear pout on his round face.

"Don't worry, pal. Your presence is a present in itself," Shawn says reassuringly.

Tye throws his head back, laughing and clapping his hands. Then he sings, "And the award for the best liar goes to you-u-u!"

He may be ginger, but he ain't no Ed Sheeran.

Ben huffs and crosses his arms. "Whatever, Tye. You're just mad that Danny likes me best. He bought me an oculus rift for my birthday and what did he get you? Oh, that's right. Nothing."

"Please continue. I always yawn when I'm fascinated," Tye says, elaborately yawning in Ben's brooding face.

"Yuck! You need some breath mint," Ben exclaims, pushing Tye away.

I find myself yawning too. "Can you both stop bitching like schoolgirls for once in your life, please?" I snap.

"Well, aren't you a little ray of pitch black?" Tye remarks, raising an eyebrow at me.

"I told you not to wear black. It makes you look emo," Shawn whispers in my ear.

"Are you okay, Brandon? You don't look so good," Ben asks, touching my face with his cold hand.

"Thanks," I mumble, pushing his hand away. "I appreciate that, Ben. Almost as much as I appreciate you interrupting my sleep during the witching hour, and then cursing me with a nightmare afterwards."

"No problemo, amigo," Ben replies. This fool.

Shawn pats my shoulder sympathetically. "We're almost at the party. You can chill when we get there."

"Thanks, man," I murmur, feeling slightly better. I can't wait to drown the night away with booze.


This is the first time I've been to Danny's house and my breath is taken away by the glorious sight. His house is huge and all the windows are lit up with a golden glow, making his house look like a glistening gem in the peaceful night.

Just from looking at the outside alone, I assume it's a sixteen-bedroom detached house. It's surrounded by a big, magnificent garden full of flowers, bushes and fruit trees. There's a white marble statue on the neatly trimmed grass, shooting out midnight-blue water.

My friends have shared stories about Danny's house. The last time they came here, they rambled on about his guitar-shaped pool in his back garden, and the greenhouse where he grew his own tomatoes, green peppers, parsleys, eggplants, and how there were large cages filled with birds like peacocks and parrots. Danny opened the cage and the colorful birds flew above their heads while they swam around in the pool.

"It's a memory I'll never forget," Ben said. "One of the birds pooped on Tye's head. In that moment, I knew God existed because my prayer was answered."

Tye glowered at him. "Well, at least people can tell the difference between me and bird poop. Can't say the same for you, considering you're both white shits."

I smile as I recall their silly stories. I feel like I'm in such a good mood, or perhaps it's the effect of the calming nature. I breath in deeply, inhaling the refreshing scent of flowers and fruit trees mixed with the cool night breeze.

"Mmh, that's how I imagine heaven to smell like," I comment.

Tye takes a sharp inhale, then pulls a face of disgust.

"Did you fart?" He asks, looking at Ben accusingly.

I decide to head inside, where I'm greeted by a spacious lit hallway with paintings covering the creamy-colored walls. Looking closer, I realize the paintings are created by the famous David Mondelez Jr. - my favorite artist known for producing still life pieces. I almost feel lost, just staring at his paintings, feeling the most content and relaxed I've ever been today.

Then I feel a light tap on my shoulder. Turning around, I see Shawn standing there, looking at me expectantly with a wide grin.

"Dude, this place is awesome!" I say.

"I know, so amazing!" Shawn squeals. Then he clears his throat and speaks in a deliberately deeper voice, "I mean, it's pretty cool." His green eyes sparkle, "there's a game room filled with those arcade machines, dance mats, and a snooker table! And he's got his own cinema room with an 100 inch projector screen! That's where he takes his babes for some private movie time, if you catch my drift. And he's got a Jacuzzi in his bathroom! My man is living like royalty."

I nod in agreement. Just then, Ben and Tye enter the hallway. Ben is poking his head out of the open door and ogling the gossiping girls outside.

"Check out all those hot chicks! Looking like Victoria's Secret angels, am I right?" Ben chirps. I can imagine him having hearts for eyes.

"If you put your face by the door, no one will come in," Tye remarks.

We walk to the end of the long hallway, where there is a white staircase. We climb up and it almost feels like we're climbing the stairs of heaven itself. We arrive at the main floor - the living room. It's packed with a sea of unfamiliar faces with the buzz of conversation humming in the air, along with the surprisingly calm, melodic music filling the atmosphere. I feel my anxieties fading away and my body is naturally swaying to the pleasant tune. There are large rectangular tables backed against the ocean-blue walls, each filled with bright colorful foods and drinks, illuminated by the glowing light from the floor lava lamps.

As we enter the heart of the room, I can faintly smell weed and booze, and some people are stumbling around like zombies in their drunken state. The French windows are wide open, enabling me to see the silver moon in the night sky, which provided a natural disco ball and lighting into the party room.

I close my eyes and take it all in, letting it all wash over me like the waves of the sea. Usually I am not the type of guy to enjoy parties, but I have to admit, I feel so comfortable and at peace here. Something tells me this will be a night that I will always remember.

"Man, I hope I get laid tonight," Ben proclaims. I open my eyes in surprise.

"Let's hope a girl gets drunk enough to believe you're good-looking then," Tye snorts.

Ben glares. "Coming from the guy whose face looks like a baboon's ass."

"Well, at least one of us is bootyful," Tye fires back. "And, yes, pun intended, you doofus."

"I think you mean... Bun intended!" Shawn trills with his deep, throaty laugh reverberating around the room, adding to the lighthearted fun of the atmosphere. I shake my head, but I end up laughing too, simply because his laugh is contagious.

Ben snickers. "Bootyful? Pfft, you're like a flat, burnt pancake. Just look at you! I've seen paper thicker than you."

"Well sorry, not everyone has impressive big moobs like you," Tye says, flicking Ben's chest carelessly.

"Stop! You know I'm sensitive about that!" Ben shrieks, jumping back. He's self-conscious about his weight, despite being just a bit chubby. Still, obesity runs through his family - his genuine fear.

"That's enough!" I holler. "We're here to have fun. You guys are just killing the mood... and people are staring," I hiss.

"The only one staring is that weird-looking Albino dude, ever since we got here," Shawn points out.

"Speak of the devil..." Tye begins, as the stranger saunters over to us. He looks like he's in his mid-twenties. He's almost bald with thin pieces of hair sticking out like wispy straws. He's very thin and very, very pale, like he's never stepped foot outside. He stops in front of me.

"I sense a lot of energy... negative energy... it's cackling in the room like a black, unfriendly... energy..." the stranger says. My friends and I exchange puzzled looks. Was this guy high or what?

"You, in particular," he points a bony finger at me, his hand wrapped around a beer can. "Your life is about to change.." he says in a hushed voice, as if he's revealing a secret. Then he adds dramatically, "forever..."

"Uh... is this how Albino people flirt or something?" Shawn asks, laughing. I laugh too, although I feel uneasy with the way the stranger is boring his wide eyes into me.

"That's offensive, dude. My great aunt is Albino. You don't know how hard these people have it," Ben says.

"Oh, boohoo. Go cry me a river," Tye retorts.

"Pfft, you only want that river because you need a bath," Ben replies.

"Have a drink," the stranger says, offering me the beer can. "There is clearly a lot of tension in your life... Relieve yourself, young one..."

"Um, okay... I guess..." I say, about to accept the drink, when Shawn whacks it out of my hand. It spills all over the floor.

"No, thanks. You can leave now," Shawn says with a straight face. The stranger looks down at the mess, and then back up. He's looking at me again with his unsettling, wide eyes. Great.

"We will meet again... Farewell..." he whispers, before walking away. A chill runs down my spine and I shudder involuntarily.

"Don't accept treats from strangers. C'mon, Brad, even kids know better than you," Shawn says, shaking his head at me.

"Yeah... you're right," I sigh.

"...If you're cooler than me, does that make me hotter than you?" Ben asks.

Tye scoffs. "Hah! You? Hot? The only thing you can turn on is the microwave."

"Newsflash, buddy! You need to turn on the shower because you stink! And that's why I fart - to make you smell better!" Ben yells, pinching the bridge of his nose.

I groan, as my forehead is beginning to throb in irritation. I'm in desperate need of a drink. I walk over to the open large table covered head to toe with an endless supply of food and drinks. In half of the section, I can already identify that there's a fruity party punch, different customized cocktails, and even a golden fountain oozing with so much bubbling chocolate. I help myself to the punch, only to realize that it tastes like sweet vodka.

"Oh, well, hello there. Who do we have here?"

A random, flamboyantly dressed guy appears out of nowhere. He has gauge piercings on both ears, a blue butterfly tattoo on his neck, and blond hair that is smoothed to one side like bangs. Upon closer inspection, I can see eyeliner outlined around his eyes like a raccoon and... is he wearing lipstick?

I look behind me, unsure if he's speaking to me. But he's looking right at me.

"A table full of delightful food, but you're the tastiest treat I see," he says straightforwardly.

My eyes widen in surprise. Barely fifteen minutes into the party and I've already had two guys coming up to me! Why was I attracting them? Is it my outfit? Is it my gelled hair?

"Hey Bran!"

Fortunately, Danny, the birthday boy himself appeared besides me. He towers over me at 6'9, his exterior is bulky, and he looks like a blonde model straight out of a poster or magazine. To this day, I'm still baffled why this perfect specimen of a guy wants to associate with me and my friends.

"Hey, Dan The Man," the flamboyant guy purrs.

"You two know each other?" I question.

Danny nods. "Yup, this is Emmett. He's my cousin. And Em, this is my mate, Brandon."

Emmett giggles. "We already met. I find him charming."

Oh, you do, do you? I think. What's so charming about me? I just seem like a bug-eyed creature that looks confused and lost, like an alien wandering through Earth. I don't get how that's appealing to anyone.

"I gotta say, Bran, I'm really glad you could make it," Danny says, patting my back with his strong hand. I stumble forward and almost spill my drink. "You know, I was thinking you'd stay cooped up inside that cage you call a bedroom. But it's cool to see you out and about."

I raise an eyebrow. "What do you mean? I go out..."

"Well, yeah sure," Danny says, shrugging his broad shoulders. "But you're just... a bit... well, you know... compared to the other guys."

I blink in surprise. "I'm what?"

"They're like wild lads and you're..." Danny moves his hand in a circular motion, trying to conjure an appropriate adjective. "Quiet."

"Quiet," I repeat, frowning.

"And cute!" Emmett chips in. "Like a teddy bear."


I shake my head, unable to believe what I've just heard. Those words were like a punch to my ego, lowering my self-esteem. What girl in the right mind wants a 'quiet' guy that's like 'a teddy bear'? No wonder I've been single for so long!

Ben's words haunt me, "you're the peacemaker of this group." In other words, I'm the most boring one out of my crazy friends.

I jug down some more fruity vodka punch. No. I refuse to feel sorry for myself. Tonight is the night that I will finally get some action!

I catch Emmett winking at me. I look away.

... Tonight, I will get some action with a girl!


Author's Note:

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Published: 6/5/2018
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