I Still Love You - Chapter 1

A beautiful teen with a snow white skin and brown chocolate hair that were medium length. She was fourteen years old. She was so beautiful, a natural beauty. People might think she must have done plastic surgery lots of times, but in reality she didn't. her name was Sara

Girls got jealous about her whereas boys adored. But she never used to care about anyone. She had only one best friend named Hanan. They were friends since childhood. They told each other everything.

Hanan always got mad when she talked about guys. All her world was around guys. Each day she got busy commenting such as that guy over there was so handsome, oh, that other one had beautiful eyes. She liked four to five boys per minute.


When it came to Sara, she was opposite. Well, she liked guys, but she believed life worth more than spending time on liking guys. Hanan named her "snow" because she was different when the subject was about guys. Sara was living in Rabat back then. Her father was working in a bank, while her mother was a babysitter.

Rayan was seventeen years old. He had a little brother called Ali who was fourteen years old. They were too close maybe because Ali was too young when his parents died in a car accident. They became orphan. So the two brothers moved to live with their uncle Yasser. Uncle Yasser was married, but could not have babies, so he treated Rayan and Ali as his own sons.

Rayan was working in his uncle's company. He was the kind of boy who was working and studying at the same time.

Rayan worked to get his pocket money. But that wasn't the only reason. He was convinced that his work was like a way of paying back his uncle. For helping him, as he lived in his house.


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Where should SARA and RAYAN meet?
At the bus.
On Facebook.
At school.
Thank to a common friend.
At a weeding party.
At hospital.
A garden.
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Published: 2/20/2014
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