I Still Love You - Chapter 10

I know it's been a long since the last time. I've been so busy. Believe me iBuzzle and the stories were always in my mind; every morning, every afternoon, and every evening.
Sara's POV

I can't believe it's Ali. He turns out so handsome, so chic and so modern. I can't believe he is the same person I used to name Dirty dog.

What a car, what a look! Maybe I need to consider his existence. But why I turn out so speechless. I need to say a word. Anything...


"What wrong with arrogant Sara... Am I that charming?"

I kept silence, I don't know what am I supposed to do?

"No, you know that you'll always be the dirty dog."

"Ok.. Ok.. I got it.. So Miss arrogant or maybe Mrs."

"No, Mrs. I'm still single."

"Oh! Miss Sara, can you have a cup of coffee with me."



In Golden Hour Restaurant...

They were sitting and drinking coffee. She told him how her turned out hard day after day. How that now, since the day she started working in his family company. Her life now is getting better and better.
Published: 6/21/2014
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