I Still Love You - Chapter 11

"Baby, you don't know what it's like to love somebody the way I love you." Bee gees.
Rayan's POV

How could he do such a thing to me? And the worst thing is that now I made him believe that I stopped loving her. How can I forget her? She is the reason I turned sleepless for years.

I was just so happy that day when I saw her sitting with my cousin Najah. To tell the truth, I was so happy when Najah asked me to offer her a job. People thought I never met her before;the worst, Ali thought I didn't recognize her.

But it was really hard to act so indifferent, now she was sitting next to me. I just wanted to confess to her. To tell her how much I loved her, how much I still love her, and how much I will always love her.

But I can't, I can't because I'm her boss, and there is huge possibility that she may leave the job although it is the fact that I can't stand a day without her.

If i just can tell her how much i love her. But i c can't i'm her boss. I can't deal with the fact that people may say i gived her the job because i love her. It isn't that i care about myself that much it's just that i'll blame myself for ever if people consider her as a bad girl or a men heart hunter.
"Miss. Sara ... Here we are," I said her trying my best to avoid looking in her eyes.
Published: 7/3/2014
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