I Still Love You - Chapter 12

But he finally could take her out of the room. He took her to the cafeteria. Bought her some coffee.
When they arrived to the hospital, they were next to Sara's mother's room. They found the nurses running all around the room. It seemed like Sara's mother was having a terrible heart attack.

When Sara saw her mother's situation, she went crazy, and started screaming. She tried to come close to her mother although the nurses wouldn't let her.

She was repeating loudly, "Mum, don't leave me... Mum, you're all I have in this world..."

Najah asked Rayan to keep the crazy lady out of the room. Well, that was kind of MISSION IMPOSSIBLE. She was absolutely refusing that.

But he finally could take her away from the room. He took her to the cafeteria and bought her a cup of coffee.
Published: 7/5/2014
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