I Still Love You - Chapter 2

The story begins.
Rayan's POV

I always get used to work on my uncle's store. It is a part-time in the morning. So I leave at noon to go eat my lunch. Sometimes when my brother Ali has school till noon, I passed by his school and we comeback home together.

Today is Tuesday, so as usual he has school till noon. So I am waiting for him on the front door of the school. While we hug together, my brother and I chats a little bit.

"You have a really hot chicks over here," I said. My brother did not respond.
"Don't you like anyone," my brother's face turns red.
"Oh... Aren't you ashamed... How could you not tell me?" That draws a smile on my face.
"Well... actually I kinda of liking this girl with me at class," my bro said.
"Oh really? What's her name?"
"Her name is Sara."
"And didn't you tell her that you like her?"
"She is that kinda of girl who does not give time to guys. The last time a guy told he likes her, she makes a joke over him."
"Is she that evil?" I laughed.

My bro didn't answer, so I continue talking.
"Is she that pretty?" I said.
"Well, she is medium high with brown hair and white skin."
"I didn't ask you how does she look, I asked you is she pretty?"
"Well, 'yes', she's so pretty and beautiful, all boys like her. Her smile is magical, everything in her is charming..."
"Let me tell you something I don't know if she is really pretty since I've never seen her, but one thing I am sure that you don't like her, but you are insanely in love with her."

My brother's face become red again.
"Do you think?" My bro asked.
"Let me think and I will tell you. Now we are at home, let change the topic."
Published: 2/24/2014
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