I Still Love You - Chapter 3

If Ali is the one who likes Sara then why it ends with Rayan marring her? Well, be patient, everything will be coming in short.
After having lunch, we left home at about 1:30 pm. Me and my brother had school at 2 pm, my hight school was near to his middle school. So we had a chance to pursue the conversation.

"So gentleman, is this girl that hot?"
"She is kinda of awesome."
"Is she that hard to get?"
"Well, even you Mr. Womanizer can't dell with her."
"I'm not a womanizer. It is not my bad, that girls are stupid and believe what I say."
"Trust me, she is not stupid like all the girls you've met in all your life."
"Trust me, I can make her fall for me."
"Don't be that sure."
"Do you want to bet on it?"
"if you are a man bet on it"
"ok" not feeling so confortable about the choice he made

"If I got her to love me before July, you will work all the summer and replace me at my part-time job."
"Ok, let's see, but if you lose, you'll give me 5000 Dhs*"
"Half-million? That's a lot."
"If you can't, you can give up since we still didn't start."
"No way, make it 10000 Dhs."


P.S: Dh is the Dirham, the currency in Morocco, 1$ is about 7Dhs Moroccan
and 1Dh is 100 francs.
10000 Dhs = 1000000 francs

I hope, you enjoyed it, and comment please.
Published: 2/25/2014
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