I Still Love You - Chapter 4

Mr. womanizer.
Raya's POV

Well, after accepting the bet with my brother, I walked alone to my high school. I regretted what if I failed to do what I bet. What if the girl was really that hard to get? A lot of ideas got into my mind.

What should I do? I should be a man and keep my word. Also behave like a hero.

I was walking to my high school, not knowing where was I going. I was full of thoughts. I didn't even know, how I arrived to my school! I found myself in front of the school door.


After Four Hours

Finally the school ended.

"I'll pass, see Salma."

She could not stop calling on my cell phone, she actually made me regret giving her my phone number.

Oh my God! She was waiting for me in the front of the classroom door. Things seemed to be serious here.

"Hey babe, what is going on?" I said to her.
"You liar, how could you do this to me?" She slapped me on the face.
"What is going on babe? I can't get you?"
"Don't deny, it's ok. I know, you're cheating on me with Doha."
"No, I am not, babe."

I heard a voice from the back, "Rayan". When I turned, again I got a slap on my other cheek.

"You liar, jerk. How could you do that to me?" A girl said.

Well, it was Doha, my second girlfriend. I didn't know what to do. All I could think of it at that moment was to call a cab and go home, saving my life from those two wild girls.


While entering home, I met my brother, he was laughing so hard that tears came out from his eyes...

"Oh, I just love Facebook. It made me a life's favor," he said.
"What are you talking about?"
"Well, you have to give me the money."
"What money?"
"You already lost."

Then I discovered that those girls Salma and Doha posted on my Facebook profile about what I did with them. It became like a breaking news.

Now I got this insistence, I'll do it, no matter what will happen.
Published: 2/27/2014
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