I Still Love You - Chapter 5, Part 2

What should I do to make you love? What should I do to make you care?
Rayan's POV

I went to El Wahda school, my brother's school. As I entered, I acted like looking for my brother. What I saw, there were lots of weirdest people all around. Well, it was a middle school, my brother wasn't young, so there was no reason i came to look for him

I did it on purpose. After I found him, all students were looking at me, they were almost stared at me with their big eyes as if asking me why have I come to the college?

'It would be better to plant a story beforehand, at first,' I thought. I didn't think of it, but after seeing people around, I discovered how much I shouldn't have come there.

"I forgot my keys at home and have to go back home," I said to my brother.

"What?" My brother said in a surprised tone.

Well, neither I forgot my keys nor my habitude. I didn't get why my brother, Ali was shocked.

"You jerk, just acted like you will give me the keys," I said with a whispering tone, "well, I didn't forget my keys. I just wanted you to show me the girl, we were talking about. Let's make an excuse, so that you can leave school."

"Ok!!" Ali said with an excited voice.

Ali always hates school, so whenever he found a reason to be absent, he never missed an opportunity.
Published: 3/4/2014
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