I Still Love You - Chapter 5

I say I will do it, so I am gonna do it.
Sara's POV

Today it was raining, well something usual at that time of the year. But I actually forgot all about it. Neither I brought my umbrella nor coat, so I was shaking.

'If someone could share his umbrella with me,' I was repeating, at that moment. I just prayed for some solution, but couldn't find it. I couldn't hide under a cover for a long time since I would be late for school.

I guessed, I had to run to school, otherwise I will catch cold. So I was walking 4km/h speedily because I had to reach the school after 10 mins. It was around quarter kilometer.

Oh, finally I got in. Now I'm inside the classroom, there was no rain. But I thought it was too late. I was drenched like a wet dog. I just hated the way I looked today. I shouldn't have forgotten my umbrella

Rayan's POV

I spent all night thinking of a way to get the girl. I still didn't have any plan. I should get it or I'll lose my power, popularity in my high school. Well, I'm the legend of boys. But those two girls have made the stuff harder .

After a Week of Thinking

'Got it,' I exclaimed to myself.

The idea was to behave like a gentleman. Obviously, girls like it with some kind of hero-charming.

My idea was to first collect some information about her. I must know what things she likes and what she hates.
Published: 3/3/2014
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