I Still Love You - Chapter 6, Part 2

In the bus.
I was too late to school on foot... Well, I wouldn't be late if my mother didn't insist me getting some breakfast. My mother is the kind of woman who cares a lot for her daughter's health. Study never interests her. Something normal since she went to school for only two years. She looks me always as a marriage material. Well, not only me. But all the girls have to get married, have their children, family etc. According to my mother, boys are the ones who should study and work afterwards. She is a kind woman, but when it comes to this topic, I often left the room angrily.

I went to catch the bus since I was already late. Walking to school by myself will take me about an hour, while the bus will take forty minutes. Well, if the bus didn't stop at every stops, then it will make the arrival in twenty minutes. The bus stops seven times before arriving to my school.

I entered in the bus... Well it was empty... Compare how it started to get crowded on the third station.

The next station, four guys, and two girls came in the bus. The two guys were from my school. If I were not wrong, one of them was even in my class. The other guy was Alae, my best friend Nisrine's brother, while the rest two guys seem to be high school students. The two girls were Nisrine and her elder sister Narjis. Nisrine was in high school.

After some time, two girls came and sat next to me. Though the seat was for only two people, we three have to adjust, because there were no seats left.

In addition, a lot of people came in from the next stop. Well, it was "the old city". Often the people from the station were old.

When I saw an old lady, I wanted to offer her my seat, but she was too far from me. I was afraid if I stood and left my seat, someone else would occupy it, then neither me nor the old lady could sit on it.

After few minutes, I heard my friend, Nisrine exclaimed, "WOW, what a gentleman!"

Well, someone got the same thought as me today.

I tried to look who that guy was, he must be one of the high school guys. Then he turned after ten minutes and I saw his face.

'OMG! He was the handsome guy from my dream,' were the only words came out of my mouth.
Published: 3/12/2014
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