I Still Love You - Chapter 6, Part 3

This part is little bit complicated. Rayan and Ali had their own view of what happened in the bus. What do you think?
Ali's POV

I still couldn't understand my brother, he was the one who wanted to make it to school in bus. We could make it on foot. But after the bus arrived to the bus station, he suddenly changed his mind.

I couldn't understand my brother lately. He never gave up a bet till last week. For the first time, he changed his mind after making a decision though this decision seemed nothing. He normally thinks hundred times before making any decision. Something was wrong with my brother. And I'll know it soon.


Rayan's POV

When the bus arrived, I saw her...Yes her... The girl called 'Sara'. She was so cute and pretty as I saw her last week. The bus window wasn't that clear but was enough to make the light of my shining life star that obvious.

Looking at her made me more panicked. I hate myself. I felt ashamed of all my past with girls. I felt like a criminal hiding from the policeman. For the first time I felt that guilt inside. Seeing her angelic face, made me regret all about my past. I wanted to talk to her, but I couldn't.
Published: 3/13/2014
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