I Still Love You - Chapter 7, Part 1

'I can't understand why destiny keeps playing her game. I hate when everything is not as I planned it,' Rayan. Enjoy it.
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Rayan went with two girls or more... Oh forgot to count this. The other one over there was a brown sugar girl. Ok, they were five in one day. Is he dating few more this time or he is in love.... Oh please guys!


Sara's POV

I went to the bus after I finished school. I wanted to see him, my dream's guy. But he wasn't there. I thought he didn't have class till noon. But I got frustrated, I lost 3 DHs and a half. It wasn't that much money, but for my age, it would be enough to make me angry. But I wouldn't care if he was on the bus that's what made sad.

I was looking out from bus window, I knew it would be a miracle if I see him. Wait... Was I just imagining? But he wasn't alone. OMG what is going on with me. Am I losing my mind. ... OMG.

Finally, I arrived home. I was thinking how can I prove to myself that the guy I saw really existed? I started to doubt myself. I wanted to search him on Facebook or Google. But all I knew about him was what I saw. Neither I knew his name nor his picture. I tried to know about him through his the guys who were in the bus.

I mean Ali and Alae, Facebook account was mission impossible 10, since they both hid their friend's list. A list full of girls with some rare boys as if decorating the list ... And they asked me why I don't believe in love.

I spend all the night thinking how am I going to get to know about him. The only solution I've got is to go ask Ali about the guy... I'll lose all the pride, I always did a lot of efforts to keep it.

It is 1 am, I wanted to get some sleep, but whenever I tried to sleep, his image was chasing me. Should I ask Alae? But wait a second, why will I ask Alae when his sister was a high school student? Since Narjis, Nisrine, and that guy went to the bus on the same station, she must know him.

It was 3 am when I finally could get some sleep. When the clock rang, it was 7 am. Urggg, I hate myself. I had to wake up early since I'll go in the bus I was late by ten minutes. After some moments my mother came.

"Wake up dear... It is 7:20."

I looked in the clock. She wasn't lying... I wished she was lying.
I couldn't remember how I wore my clothes. I ran to the bus station, and thanked god because I made it to the bus. After some time, the bus arrived to Nisrine's station, she went with her sister Narjis and her brother Alae and the high school guy, but not the one I wished to see.

When the bus stopped on the old city station, well, that was my last chance to ask about the guy.

I saw a really old woman. So I said, "Told there was no gentlemen."
My friend Niserine said in a laughing tone and started to sing a part of gentleman by PSY.
"By the way, Narjis who was that guy? He seems to be a high school student."
"Yes, he is Rayan..." And before she could continue her sentence Niserine, "RAYAN is Ali's brother."
"Ali from our class."
"Oh," at that moment I thanked god I didn't have to ask about that boy.
"That Rayan is really a gentleman," she said in a mocking tone.
"Why you are saying so?"
"Well, everyone knows he is a womanizer."

I was shocked and tried to keep my body language normal. But I've got mixed feelings, full of sadness, full anger from my bad fortune.

The rest of the way I kept silence. I was sitting on the bus but my mind was out of my head.


Rayan's POV

I knew I need a way to forget her. I had to do something.

I went with seven girls today, I know it's a big number. But the gift of the natural beauty. I tried my best to forget but I couldn't. I saw her face in every girl. I couldn't stop thinking of her, but something was weird. For the first I thought of the girl in that way. Previously every girl I liked, I got those dirty ideas in my mind.

What should I do? I feel like my past is chasing me. Uuh, uuh you can say my past. For the first time I don't wanna be selfish and don't want to use the girl. But why destiny every time brought her in front of me?

I didn't know why? This time the girl wasn't with my neighbor Nisrine, but with the other girl who seemed to be her close buddy. I got curiosity eating on me. So I went to spy not directly but indirectly. Something not that hard to me since I was like the son of the owner. Any one would do anything to please me.

I discovered that the girl's name was Hanan. She came here sometimes if she needed something from her mother. And I concluded the rest since school was not that far from the company. She asked Sara to accompany her.

I wanted to sneak out of the company. I took the elevator. And what a surprise we were in the same elevator... ZUT.


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@me: For a moment, I got suspicious am I about to develop schizo disease... And yes, Rayan will die. I mentioned that in prologue.
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Published: 3/17/2014
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