I Still Love You - Chapter 7, Part 2

Sara's POV

How could I be happy and unhappy at the same time? I was happy because I wished to see him so badly. On the other hand unhappy, because I fall in love with a womanizer. How could I be that stupid! I didn't know.

Maybe that was the famous stuff called 'blind love'. But I didn't know why my heart refused to believe, he was that kind of bad guy.

My heart was beating so fast.


Rayan's POV

My face changed to all rainbows colors. I felt red out of shame. Yellow from shock. I felt dizzy. I didn't know, but she had that face, "I hate you".

Could it be possible that she knew about my past already. Probably 'yes'. What should I do?

All I managed to say is "are you high school student". It looks like a ridiculous question that I could think of.


Sara's POV

His voice was so manly. Why couldn't he make it easier for me. Wasn't I suffering enough, but please how could he not be a womanizer. He was handsome. He had all the characteristics of a perfect man. It wasn't his bad luck that he was born perfect.

I wanted to speak. Hanan didn't seem like hearing him. She already melt. If I were the one who could resist boys find him irresistible.

How do you think my friend will be. All her world is about boys. I was thinking. But my mind refused to work. Neither I knew how nor why. But I just lost my conscious.
Published: 3/31/2014
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