I Still Love You - Chapter 8, Part 2

What to expect when you're not expecting.
Dr. FatimeZahra Darim was handling my mother's case, she was a responsible doctor. My mother's face turned more and more pale, after each session of the cure. At that time, I didn't know what happened me, but I started crying.

Dr FatimeZahra took me to the cafeteria. She order a coffee for me. And tried her best to console me.

After some moment, she got a call. I tried to leave. But she insisted me to stay.

She answered the call, "Hello cousin... Yes, I am in the hospital... Where are you? I am in the cafeteria... Hey since you are near hospital come and have a coffee... Ok waiting for you."

Then again I tried to convince her that I should leave.

"I better be going... I'll go check on my mum..."
"No stay please... I just finally found someone to...."

"Hi Najah," a voice said from my back.
"Hi cousin... Let me introduce you people."

He came close and sat on a chair.

I knew him. I tried to hide my surprise. Besides Dr. Najah made it clear by saying, "This is my cousin Rayan... This is Sara, her mother is one of my patients."
Published: 4/7/2014
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