I Still Love You - Chapter 9, Part 1

This a ninth chapter part 1, please comment.
Rayan's POV

I tried to figure out who that girl was. She seemed like some girl I knew. But couldn't remember where I saw her.

After some moment that girl left. Najah and I continued chatting and drinking our coffee.

"This Sara is a poor girl. She is living in Rabat ten years ago, then move to Casa... until she got her Master's degree... She is jobless..."

"Jobless? How can she pay for her mother's therapy then?"
"She used to work in Casa... But since her mother's situation started to grow harder. She quit her job."

"Can I ask you something... I mean a favor?"
"Yes, sure."
"Give her some job in your company?"
"But you know my company is kind of having crises those days."

"But which branch of science did she study?"
"Informatique (computer studies)."
"Oh really?" He exclaimed.
"Why so strange?"
"Because I have a post empty for her," and we both laughed.
Published: 4/7/2014
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