I Still Love You - Chapter 9, Part 2

Rayan gave Sara's phone number to the secretary in order to call her for the job.

On his way after leaving the company, he met one of his main engineers, Hannan**.
He got into his red Qashqai.

It was 3 pm, it is his lunch time. He went to his House where he was living with his brother and his uncle's wife. His uncle died about two years ago.


Sara was not happy for the job offer she got. It was hard for her to deal with idea that Rayan was her mother's doctor's cousin. Now she had to see him everyday because she is working with him. But that reason wasn't enough to make her refuse the job offer, she needed money so badly. The job was supposed to start the day after.


After A Month...

Sara was so happy, her mother started to get better. Her work seemed to go better than I could ever wish. Her old buddy Hannan was the main engineer here. Besides, Sara didn't see Rayan. I was trying my best to hide myself.

But today was particular. While Sara was trying to leave the parking lot speedily, Sara's car was crushed by another car. It was a black Tiguan. And thank god it was a Volkswagen. Or that would be the end. Nothing happened to the car, only some scratches, the car's driver left the car to protest. She tried to apologize.

But what happened was a big surprise.

"Look who we have here... Sara how are you?"
"Exuse me?"

"Don't you recognize you?"
"No sorry."
"It's Ali."
Published: 4/7/2014
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