I Still Love You - Prologue

The main characters are Sara, her dead husband Rayan, and their son Adam.
Hello... My name is Sara. I am around my 23 years old. And I live in Fes, where I live over there as secretary in a doctor's cabinet. And it has been two years since my husband died. We used to love each other. But destiny chooses to separate us.

"He is in the sky over there," I used to point in the sky when my son Adam asked about him. I cried sometimes remembering him and few remarkable incidents that we shared together. Memories of when we first met in the restaurant, when I met his family, when we watched a romantic movie ... I am really crazily in love with him. Once I thought of suicide, but when I see Adam, I dropped the thought. I thanked God, I got that gift from my husband.
Published: 2/19/2014
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